Loss Prevention

Retail loss prevention involves numerous activities, functions and programs designed to reduce a retailers loss due to theft, control deficits and operations. Optimum Security works closely with your business to gain control of losses and business contingencies.

Shoplifting is a growing problem in order to overcome these issue, retail Business owners must take the necessary steps to protect merchandise from theft. A proper security measure will help reduce loss and will allow the retailer to compete in the market place by delivering the product to their customers at lower price.

Our current focus is to efficiently reduce the risk of Shoplifting without causing any kind of disruption to the business or its clients. Many of our clients say that outsourcing their loss prevention program has helped them focus on their aspects of their business rather then spend time recruiting and training personnel.

Our range of services includes:
• In Store Uniformed Deterrence
• Plain Clothes Loss Prevention Officer
• Consultation
• Store Audits
• Floor Walking
• Bag Checks
• Mystery Shop Program