Security Services

Optimum Security is a security company offering a wide range of private security services catering to companies both large and small. Having developed a reputation for high quality in the security industry, we are growing rapidly and becoming one of the fastest growing security companies in Metro Vancouver, serving the BC and Alberta. At Optimum Security, we are committed to the communities we help to protect. After all, we are more than just security professionals: we are citizens. And we take pride in helping to make communities safer place, not just for our clients, but for everyone. Find the security services that are appropriate for you and contact us for a Free Estimate.

On-Site Professional Security Guards:

Optimum Security guards have been trained to world class security standards. Our security guards possess impeccable communication skills, are physically fit and well trained in decision making. Once selected, each candidate must then undergo our extensive training academy programs. Our security guard services include loss prevention, special services unit and corporate security.

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Mobile Patrol & Alarm Response

Get reliable and professional mobile patrol services in marked vehicles. Our trained patrol guards are vigilant and inspect your commercial or residential property as often as your needs dictate. Optimum Security mobile patrol officers will inspect building premises, fence perimeters, office areas, common areas, and the doors and windows of your business. Our experienced drivers operate reliable patrol vehicles that are all equipped with GPS tracking.

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Integrated Security Systems, Access Control and CCTV Systems

CCTV systems can provide instant alerts when trouble occurs ensuring that crime against people, theft and vandalism are substantially reduced, and when an incident does occur, CCTV recordings can providing valuable evidence improving the likehood of a conviction. We provide CCTV Camera solutions to fit all applications, both internal and external, from the small corner shop to offices, hospitals, ports and/or public spaces. Our CCTV systems can be intelligently linked into other systems, including security lighting, access control, security alarm systems and fire alarm systems.

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24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

While other security companies often contract out their alarm monitoring services, Optimum Security owns and operates its own central Monitoring Station. This means that we have ample personnel on hand – 24 hours per day – to deal with your emergencies in a fast and professional manner.

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Audit & Risk Assessments

Optimum security experts can perform a risk assessment for your company that will help to keep your employees safe and your company in compliance with your provincial workplace Safety Rules.

Alarm systems

We offer consultation and evaluation with regards to electronic alarm systems needs: our personalize service makes it easy to create made-to-measure technological products.

Special Events Security

Many organizations need temporary security services from time to time. Our staff is trained specifically to deal with issues in high-visibility and high-public interaction settings. From construction sites, to concerts and conferences, we have the experience you need to secure your site.

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Fire Watch Security

A fire-watch is required when the emergency notification fire system cannot alert building occupants of fires and the need to evacuate them in a hurry. Our guards will familiarize themselves with your facility and continuously patrol the entire premises for the purpose of detecting fires and transmitting an immediate alarm to the Fire Department and building occupants.

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