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About Optimum Security – Canada’s Private Security


Optimum Security is a security company offering a wide range of security services catering to organizations both large and small. Having developed a reputation for high quality in the security industry, we are growing rapidly and becoming one of the fastest growing security companies in Metro Vancouver, serving BC and Alberta. At Optimum Security, we are committed to the communities we help to protect. After all, we are more than just security professionals: we are citizens. And we take pride in helping to make communities safer place, not just for our clients, but for everyone. lower back pain


  • Always explore all options to satisfy client’s requirements online casino
  • To form a cordial partnership with the industry in providing a secure and safe environment


Regardless of your business type, the people that you employ say a lot about your company, your values, and your brand image. With your security staff often being the initial point of contact with your existing and prospective clients, it is absolutely essential that they make a good first impression. Our security staff will go that extra mile to understand your company’s culture and core values, and uphold your brand while ensuring the safety of your establishment.

We always strive to:

  • Provide quality services
  • Respect the priorities of the client
  • Provide efficient and reliable service
  • Aim to build up a long term and mutually rewarding relationship with each individual throughout the organization
  • Establish and maintain a continuous systematic program consisting of:
  • To identify opportunities and develop strategies to improve delivery of services provided to customers.
    • Monitoring
    • Data Analysis
    • Needs Assessment
    • Comprehensive evaluations that support continuous quality improvement
  • Identify opportunities and develop strategies to improve the delivery of our services
  • Promote active participation and commitment from all personnel (security officers, support and management) in quality assessment/quality improvement activities


We do rigorous background checks on all of our employees, provide ongoing employee training, and believe that professional development is as important to us as it is to our officers and support staff.


Of course, we believe that employing the services of a reliable security company like Optimum is an essential part of any effective security plan for your home or business. But this is just one facet of what should be a comprehensive plan, enacted at the community level and supported by three pillars: Awareness, Vigilance, and Community Cooperation.


For a criminal, an uninformed victim is an easy victim. They thrive on taking advantage of what you don’t expect and what you never thought to protect against. By arming yourself with knowledge of risks in your area and by understanding vulnerable aspects of your home or business, you’ll have a better chance of outsmarting these crooks. Through our Optimum Security blog, we aim to make citizens up-to-date on security risks and and crime in their neighbourhoods and to suggest measures that homeowners and business owners can take to protect their property and personal safety.


Vigilance means knowing how to act with the knowledge you have. It’s about more than just understanding the risks in your neighbourhood: it’s about developing an ongoing strategy for responding to these risks. Employing the services of Optimum is a good place to start, but there are other important steps you can take in your home or business to bolster your individual strategy for security. We encourage all of our clients to consult your local Police Department’s guides to crime prevention & safety for individuals, crime prevention & safety for homes and crime prevention & safety for businesses. Sometimes the simplest steps can be the most effective.

Community Cooperation

A unified community is a strong community. By working in cooperation with your neighbours and fellow businesses to monitor and report suspicious activity, you can significantly reduce your security risks. But don’t wait for others to get the ball rolling: take the initiative in your neighbourhood and encourage others to follow. The most effective way to do this is to get involved with Block Watch Programs which aims to mobilize the watchful eyes of neighbours to report and deter crime. You might be surprised at just how effective this can be. When the Vancouver Block Watch Program began, it saw up to a 60% reduction in residential crime for participating neighbourhoods.

In over 20 years in Vancouver the program has grown to include 594 active blocks, but this is still just a fraction of the areas that need protection. So get involved today and do your part to make your community a safer place.


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