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Optimum Security Services FAQ

  • Why was Optimum Security started?

    In an effort to redefine the security industry, Optimum Security was created. A company that strives to put the client and community first, our team is committed to the communities we work to protect. Known as one of the fastest growing security companies in Metro Vancouver, we also serve and protect British Columbia and Alberta. Beyond being security professionals, we are members of the community who are actively working to make it as safe and secure as possible.

  • What is Optimum Security’s mission?

    Our management team and security staff will work tirelessly to understand the needs, culture, and core values of your company. We understand how valuable and important employees are. We also understand that our security staff are often the first point of contact for many of our clients and we work hard to ensure that the first point of contact provides a positive first impression.

    We continuously strive to:

    • Provide high-quality, efficient, and reliable services.
    • Respect the client, client priorities, and client requirements.
    • Identify areas for improvement via data analysis, needs assessment, evaluations, and monitoring.
    • Build a long-term, rewarding relationship with each client.
  • Does Optimum Security offer consultation services?

    We offer comprehensive consultation services, including a custom-designed security plan, and detailed recommendations. Our fully-certified, highly-experienced team of security professionals will personally visit your business or organization for an evaluation. We will work directly with you, listen to any concerns, evaluate specific site needs, and tailor a security plan specifically to your budget, location, and business.

  • Can I contract a combination of security services?

    Our variety of security services are fully customizable. You can contract an assortment of different services, depending on your needs and requirements.

  • How much does Optimum Security charge?

    Pricing varies by individual security plan. Each client has different requirements and requires a different, often custom-designed set of security services. Final pricing depends on what services are ultimately contracted. Once a consultation and site visit is performed, our team can provide you with a rough estimate of cost.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us directly.

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