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What Kind Of Security Do You Need For Your Warehouse Overnight?

If you work in a product-based business that deals with the storage or shipping of merchandise, those items are vulnerable to theft. Reports indicate that billions of dollars’ worth of merchandise is stolen in the country every year. Theft occurs... Read More

3 Security Options you Have for your Large Property

Deterring thieves and invaders from large properties can be quite a challenge considering the likelihood of multiple vulnerable areas. For security purposes, it is important that you work with a professional... Read More

Why Businesses With Vehicle Fleets Need Security Guards

Cargo theft, as well as truck and trailer theft, is a major concern in Canada’s trucking industry. There are numerous instances where fleets can become easy targets for thieves, including: Loaded trailers packed in outdoor areas... Read More

5 Times Personal Security Guards Saved the Day

Many people are not aware of the power that a personal security guard has on public property. While they may not have the same authority as law enforcement, security guards are permitted to arrest citizens for serious offences, or when witnessing a... Read More