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05 Jul 2017

What kind of training do our security guards undergo?

Every single security guard that works for Optimum Security must complete a mandatory training program. A custom-designed training program, we first provide our employees with a comprehensive orientation. Stretching beyond the requirements of the Ministry of Public Safety and Security, orientation includes first aid, CPR, and WHMIS training. Next, we educate our employees on customer service methods. Understanding customer needs and expectations is important and we want our employees to be educated in this area.

Following orientation and customer service training, we then provide our employees with on-site training. This on-site training is continuous and regularly updates employees on site policies and procedures, patrols, emergency procedures, and access control.

Designed to reinforce professionalism and team building, our training program is broad and covers several specialized areas. We offer a special course for concierge training, which includes real world experimental training focusing on excellent service delivery. We also offer supervisor and Certified Protection Officer (CPO) training.

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