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on 8 November 2021

10 Reasons Why Alarm Monitoring Is Important

The significance of alarm monitoring

As a business owner or homeowner, choosing the right alarm monitoring system can be a daunting task. Professional security in Vancouver is becoming more prevalent in different neighbourhoods, as rising crime in the city increases the need for many to secure their businesses and homes.

In the long run, having an alarm monitoring system installed in your business or home will certainly outweigh any costs you invest in the short term. Whether you’re looking for a brand new alarm system, or an upgraded alarm solution to secure your business or home, first, let’s define what alarm monitoring is and then examine the 10 reasons why alarm monitoring is important.

What is alarm monitoring?

Alarm monitoring are alarm systems that are watched over by a professional security alarm company. The main benefit of an alarm monitoring system is that any moment an alarm is triggered, the security company is immediately notified. First, your security company will try to contact you to identify if it’s only a false alarm. If you are unreachable or you tell them that it isn’t a false alarm, they will contact the police or fire department on your behalf. Now that you know the definition of alarm monitoring, let’s walk you through the 10 reasons why alarm monitoring is important for securing your home or business.

1. Deters burglary

With increased criminal activity in business centres and suburban neighbourhoods, having an alarm monitoring system helps deter break-ins and burglaries. A home alarm system comes equipped with a control panel where a passcode has to be entered on a touchpad when leaving the premises. If someone enters your home or business and does not know the passcode, the alarm system will go off and alert the security alarm company.

An alarm monitoring system also works in conjunction with a door sensor, window sensor, motion sensors, and CCTV monitoring. When burglars see that you have security cameras installed, it’s a clear sign to them that you have an alarm system connected to it and they are more likely to avoid breaking into your home or business.

2. Reduces insurance costs

When obtaining an insurance policy for your home or business, most insurance companies offer lower premiums for those who have an alarm monitoring system installed on their property. However, your overall premium cost depends on several factors such as the total value of items in the property, the type of coverage, and payment plans.

On the other hand, if you do not have an alarm monitoring system hooked up, your insurance company policy considers this a high-risk property and charges you higher premiums. It’s better to have an alarm system already installed, as you could get an insurance reduction of up to 10 to 20 percent of your monthly payments. The reason for this is that insurance companies like to see that you are being proactive to keep your home or business safe, reducing the likelihood you make a claim in the future and thus justifying a lower premium.

3. Peace of mind

Having an alarm monitoring system gives you peace of mind because not only do you protect your valuables, but you can rest assured that your family members and employees are protected too. It also adds an extra layer of protection when people are inside of your home or business, as the CCTV monitoring, door and window sensors, and motion sensors are activated and ensures those individuals are safe inside.

4. Quick responses

The benefit of having an alarm monitoring system is the quick response from your security alarm company. If an alarm goes off, they reply within minutes and can alert the authorities right away. No matter what day or time, knowing that your property is being monitored by a trained and alert security alarm company ensures that your family or staff can get instant assistance if needed.

5. Staff and visitor safety

Having alarm monitoring installed in your home or business secures your employees and visitors, and reduces the chance of possible dangers that may occur during their shift or visit. If you have multiple shifts that entail workers to work alone in the evening, then having around-the-clock monitoring can help your employees feel safe.

6. Monitor your home or business remotely

Along with having a professional security alarm company monitoring your home or business, you also have the chance to watch your property through your smart home app. For instance, if you’re away on holiday and you get an alert on your cellular phone that your alarm system has gone off, you can access your home security’s CCTV camera to see if an unfamiliar car has parked on your driveway, for example. Simultaneously, while your alarm monitoring company informs you that an alarm has gone off, you can tell them about the unidentified car and they will contact the police to check it out.

7. Get help in emergencies

Besides deterring burglaries, having an alarm monitoring system installed in your home or business can help in emergencies. For example, a sudden health condition triggered by an eldery parent’s illness, or a sudden slip and fall by an employee requires immediate medical assistance. If a medical emergency does occur, you can call your monitoring service and they will contact the first responders to be sent to your home or business.

8. Cost-effective

Not only do you gain peace of mind when you have an alarm monitoring system installed, but in the long run, it’s cost-effective. No one can put a price on protecting the well-being of your family or staff. Even if you are on a tight budget, there are many affordable alarm monitoring systems that give you full protection and can last many years with annual updates.

9. Protection against home fires

Alarm monitoring systems are integrated with smoke-fire detectors. This is a great feature to have because it is able to detect the start of a fire and provide an early warning to the owner of the house or business. It can also detect where the heat is coming from, and your monitoring service is prompted to contact the fire department.

10. Carbon monoxide detection

Since carbon monoxide is an odourless gas, it is hard to detect. However, one of the other benefits of an alarm monitoring system is that you will receive an alert on your cellular phone as soon as a carbon monoxide leak is detected in your home or business. Your alarm monitoring company will then send the fire department to your property.

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