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5 Important Factors to Consider Before Hiring Event Security Guards

While organizing a special event can be fun and exciting, it can also be quite stressful, especially with so much to consider during the planning stage. From selecting an appropriate venue to finding the right vendors and everything in... Read More

Retail Security: Uniformed vs. Undercover Guards

Unfortunately, crime is a reality of life that we all have to face. As a business or retail owner, crime, vandalism and theft are all factors that you need to consider as part of your business strategy. It’s definitely wise to have... Read More

Retail And Shopping Mall Security

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What Does It Take To Become A Security Guard?

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How To Hire A Security Guard That Is Right For You

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The Best Security Companies In Edmonton

Here's Why Optimum Security Services Is Ranked #1 In Security Services At times, you may believe you live in the safest neighborhood on the block. However, when your... Read More

Security Officers Vs Security Guards

There are many times when individuals get confused security officers for security guards. Security guards who are wearing uniforms are frequently affected by this. Companies and people must know the difference... Read More

10 Questions To Ask A Security Company | Private Security

10 Questions To Ask A Professional Security Company When it comes to protecting your business, property or home in Vancouver, you’ll want to be sure that you are working with a professional security company. With 64 reports of... Read More

5 Benefits of Hiring Parking Lot Security

Many business owners spend time and effort setting up security plans for their buildings but often overlook protecting the parking lot. However, your parking lot has a lot of risk for customers and visitors. From vandalism to theft to car... Read More

5 Helpful Tips for Hiring a Security Guard for Your Construction Site

Construction sites are vulnerable spaces where burglars and vandals can break in and destroy property or steal materials. Read More