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The Different Methods of Access Control Explained

Access control refers to the systems allowing organizations to choose whom to restrict and authorize entry to, including which specific zones they have permission to access. Four main options or methods of access control are used to suit a... Read More

7 Ways to Improve Your Loss Prevention Strategy

Every owner of a brick-and-mortar establishment knows what it’s like to worry about retail loss, especially if they have just recently acquired their business and have not yet enforced proper security systems and theft-mitigation... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Access Control Security in Edmonton

Physical access control can be an effective solution when it comes to deterring theft and criminal activity on your property or facility. It allows you a Read More

How Mobile Patrol Security Can Help Your Business’ Bottom Line

What is mobile patrol security?  If you own a business, one of your top priorities should be ensuring that it is always safe and secure. After all, dealing with break-ins or vandalism can be both costly and... Read More

Retail And Shopping Mall Security

A Guide to Retail and Shopping Mall Security  Providing adequate and effective security to shopping malls in Vancouver is no easy feat and... Read More

Access Control System Benefits

If your company stores confidential or sensitive information on-site or owns valuable equipment, you need a reliable access control system. It helps protect your assets and customer information. Access control systems also allow you to grant... Read More

Eight Benefits of Hiring a Security Company in Edmonton

Hiring a Security Company in Edmonton, AB Businesses are vulnerable to all kinds of risks, including financial, technological, social, political, natural, and so on. While some risks are difficult to prevent, and can only be insured... Read More

How To Hire A Security Guard That Is Right For You

Running a security guard providing company is difficult, even exhausting at times. When you are going to hire a security guard that is right for your security company can also be... Read More

The Best Security Companies In Edmonton

Here's Why Optimum Security Services Is Ranked #1 In Security Services At times, you may believe you live in the safest neighborhood on the block. However, when your... Read More

Security Officers Vs Security Guards

There are many times when individuals get confused security officers for security guards. Security guards who are wearing uniforms are frequently affected by this. Companies and people must know the difference... Read More