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on 9 August 2021

10 Ways to Strengthen the Physical Security of Your Business

Strengthen the business security of your business

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words business security? Even though running your own business gives you a lot of freedom to be your own boss, every day you are faced with challenges surrounding the security of your business. 

One of the main priorities of operating your own business from a brick-and-mortar location is to ensure that you and your employees are safe and that the exterior and interior property is protected from theft and vandalism. To help you get started, we will discuss ways to protect your employees and your expensive items, and the different types of security systems for your business. Here are 10 ways to strengthen the current physical security of your business. 

Ensure All Doors And Windows Are Locked

Before closing time, make sure you train your staff who close up at the end of the day to do a routine check that all windows and doors are locked and secured. Staff should be aware that even the smallest window in the washroom or emergency exits can attract criminals.

Have An On-Site Safe

If your business requires that you keep cash or valuable items such as jewelry on the premises, it’s best to store them in a secure safe with a combination, instead of a key. Combination safes are harder to break into because it takes longer to try to figure out the combination of a safe versus breaking open a safe with a key.

Hire Highly Trained Security Guards

One of the most effective ways to add an extra layer of security to your business is to hire highly-trained

Vancouver security guards. If your business is located in a part of the city that has experienced a lot of crime, having trained security guards automatically patrol the premises during off-hours scares off potential burglars. 

Install Exterior Lights and Motion Detectors

To add extra safety to your business exterior, especially if your employees have to access a parking lot or parking garage to get to work, install lights in the parking lot. Having exterior lights helps keep your employees safe as they walk to their cars after work. Along with employee safety, installing exterior lights such as motion-activated lights can prevent crimes. 

Similarly, motion detectors placed in the parking lot and at all entrances to the business property are also an effective crime deterrent, especially during off-hours. When motion detectors go off, individuals are visible on video surveillance and most criminals will flee the premises. 

Types Of Security Systems For Business

Your business property needs a reliable, advanced security system to protect the premises and your employees while at work and during off-hours. Here are the most common security systems that should be installed in your business. 

Access Control System

An access control system consists of giving your staff members employee ID cards. When your employees have ID cards, whenever they enter or exit your building, it records the time and date on the access control logging system.

We recommend issuing ID cards to employees as it acts as a second form of verification. Each person who has an ID card records the day and time when they arrive and leave your business property. ID cards are inexpensive and ensure your business security is intact.

Video Surveillance

Installing video surveillance is the essential security system you need in your business as it records everything that goes on with your staff and prevents criminal activity. If your business property experiences a break-in or theft, the police will review the CCTV footage to help identify suspects. Additionally, it is important to have video surveillance on your business property when a crime occurs, as this footage is handed over to your insurance company when you file a claim for any damages incurred.

Security Alarm Systems

Along with having video surveillance, an alarm system should be installed on the doors and windows of your business property. If a burglary takes place, the alarm system goes off and scares off the intruders. Once the alarm system is activated, your security systems monitoring centre is alerted, prompting someone from your provider to check on your business property.

Keep An Inventory Of Mobile Devices

If your business depends on mobile devices to process transactions, it’s best to implement theft prevention of laptops, servers, mobile phones and tablets on your business property.

Set up a documented inventory of all your devices that are connected to card data. In the inventory documents, list the name of the employee who has the device and its serial number. Make sure that all card data storage is encrypted.

Maintaining your documented inventory helps keep track of who has each device. If one of your employees quits and keeps one of the devices, checking your inventory can quickly identify which device they need to return. 

Document Security Policy Checklist

 It’s also important to document a set of security policies on a checklist for your employees to refer to when they are doing security checks. The following items should include:

  • Doors and windows are locked
  • The names of each device that must always stay on the premises
  • Name and contact information of who oversees your business security such as security systems provider and security guard provider
  • Names of individuals who have physical access to your network and CDE server hardware
  • Names of individuals and which areas they are permitted to access
  • Names of individuals or websites where passwords can be changed (do not include actual passwords of devices) 
  • Protocol for reporting lost/stolen access ID cards 
  • Off-hours visitation access 

Ensure that all documents are accessible online for your employees and a hardcopy is available on your premises. Remember to update your security policies when new devices are added or when employees quit and newly hired employees gain access. 

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