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on 20 October 2021

7 Reasons Crowd Control Is Important at Events

Why crowd control is important at events

As concerts, nightclubs and outdoor events start up again, the need for crowd control is essential. Now that we have social distancing rules in place, people who congregate in one place for an event, sometimes need some friendly reminders to maintain social space with others.

Overfilling a venue with a lot of people can become a dangerous situation unless they are managed properly. Entertainment security services in Vancouver provide the best crowd control services for any company. First, we will explain what crowd control is, which events need crowd management, and seven reasons why crowd control is important at events.

What is crowd control?

Crowd control is important for events from a variety of industries. It is the act of managing people at a specific event to keep them safe and away from restricted areas that carry expensive equipment. Generally speaking, crowd control is about keeping everything ‘under control’ and making sure people are unharmed and the event is not posing a risk or threat to the general public.

Which events need crowd control management?

The most common events that need crowd control management can range from school events to outdoor parades. However, crown control management can be for private events like weddings or parties when the event draws a large crowd of over fifty people.

Here is a list of typical big events that require crowd control management:

  • Construction locations where buildings and houses are being built
  • Sporting games, championship play-offs and tournaments
  • Music festivals and concerts
  • Retail stores on holidays such as Black Friday door crasher sales and Boxing day
  • International business conferences
  • Outdoor parades such as the Santa Claus parade
  • Human rights protests or school events

Even if the event isn’t on the list, any event that requires directing vehicle and foot traffic and directing people to create lines are all examples of crowd control management.

Why is crowd control important?

Whenever a lot of people are placed in one location, they may behave differently especially if the event ignites powerful emotions such as excitement, anger and happiness. Just take the example of a championship game where one part of the crowd is rooting for one team, while another section of the crowd is rooting for the other. When one team loses, fans may get upset and start a riot. To avoid riots from happening, crowd management is implemented to prevent any disgruntled fans from getting out of hand. Let’s take a look at seven reasons why crowd control is important.

1. Promotes safety

First and foremost, the safety of all attendees at an event where crowds are going to form is the top priority of crowd control. In events where performers such as stage actors and musicians are going to be present, they also need extra security to prevent fans and other people in the audience from getting up on the stage and accessing restricted areas.

2. Better organization

Imagine thousands of people showing up at one venue without any signs or instructions on where to enter and where to exit. It would take a very long time to get people inside and to shuffle them out. That’s why crowd control is needed for better organization. When there are security guards who are directing people to go a specific way, the event runs smoothly and people don’t feel confused because everything is organized properly.

3. Pre-entry screenings

With increased security at events, it’s usual for pre-entry screenings to occur at sporting events, concerts and business conferences. Security guards need to check the bags of every attendee at the security checkpoints to ensure that people aren’t bringing in weapons, drugs or other dangerous items to an event.

4. Prevents injury

When crowds get tight and people are jumping around and dancing at a concert, some people may get injured. When you throw alcohol into the mix, these unfamiliar crowded areas can pose a high risk of accidents and even crowd disorientation. Some people lose direction on how to navigate through a crowd and could accidentally hurt themselves if they aren’t careful enough. An effective crowd control tactic is to place distinct lines and clear signage for seating and exits to reduce this risk of injuries.

5. Protects equipment

In the majority of events where music or any type of media is involved, lighting and video equipment are important items to keep protected. Crowd control strategies don’t only involve protecting people from getting hurt, but also protecting equipment from getting damaged. By placing clearly marked barriers blocking people from accessing the equipment, the show can go on without any hiccups.

6. Reduces stress

By placing clear signage, marked pathways and barricades, audiences can see exactly where they can and cannot go. Having some kind of flow of foot traffic at an event reduces the stress of the attendees. It also reduces the stress of security guards from having to direct confused wanderers in the right direction.

7. More revenue

Events that serve food, drinks and merchandise can benefit from crowd control management because people naturally do not want to stand in line for a long time. So when lines move faster, merchants can serve a lot more customers and you gain more revenue.

Crowd control is all about making sure people who attend the event have a pleasant experience. Here is a summary of the seven reasons why crowd control is important:

Promotes safety. Crowd control acts as a preventative measure to ensure the safety of every individual.

Better organization. When an event is organized properly, people feel safe and the flow of foot traffic makes the event more enjoyable.

Pre-entry screenings. Security guards are employed at security checkpoints to check each attendees’ bag to ensure that no dangerous weapons or drugs are brought into the event.

Prevents injury. Having crowds congregating when emotions run high could cause accidental injuries. Crowd control management keeps people safe by placing clear markers and signage to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

Protects equipment. By placing barricades around media equipment, people will be prevented from damaging expensive equipment.

Reduces stress. Having signage, clear pathways and security guards patrolling the event reduces the stress of all attendees as they can focus on enjoying the event.

More revenue. People are naturally impatient when lining up for food and drinks, especially during a concert or sporting event. When there are organized lines with clear signage, people get served faster and merchants earn more revenue.

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