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on 10 October 2017

The benefits of hiring security guard services for your business in Vancouver BC

If you are a business owner in Vancouver and you have not hired security guard services, you should know that you are missing out on a lot of benefits. The first thing that you need to acknowledge is that security is of paramount essential for any business regardless of the type, size or location. With crime and theft at an all-time high nowadays, you need all the security you can get to secure your business. Therefore, you should not put off hiring a security guard company much longer because it is something that you should have done a long time ago. Some people think that hiring professional security services to secure their business will be an added expense for the business whereas the truth is that it will help the bottom line in the long run.

There are many security companies in Vancouver that you can choose from. But before hiring a security company, you should ensure that it meets your requirements and fits your budget. A good security company Vancouver should have the following characteristics; it must be customer oriented, it should specialize in offering only one type of services which is security, should have good reviews on its website, Should have a lot of experience in the industry and most preferably it should be locally owned because this way it is likely to serve you better and provide you with personalized services. Here are the main benefits that you will enjoy if you make the crucial decision of hiring security companies in Vancouver.

Sense of security

The presence of security guards in your business premises can be a good thing because it will enable you, your customers and employees to feel safe. It will boost employees’ morale and help you foster customer loyalty. If your employees fell safe, their performance and productivity will also improve significantly, and the rate of turnover will reduce.

Keep crime at bay

Professional security guards Vancouver will minimize risks such as vandalism, theft, and assault. Their presence at your business will also keep criminals away. They will also use their professional training to detect danger and stop things from escalating into a disaster. The security company will also use their video surveillance systems to help the police solve crimes within your building. They will be especially helpful during strikes and labor unrest because they will protect your employees from harm and prevent company infrastructure from getting destroyed during the mayhem.


Vancouver security companies do not just provide security patrol services; they also offer monitoring services whereby some of their staff monitor video surveillance, restrict access to an area, check contraband or credentials. These proactive measures can prevent major crimes from happening and give you peace of mind to concentrate on other activities.

Customer service

Security guard services help provide customer service by directing customers to different departments or products. The guards can also escort your customers to their cars after dark which will send a message that your business is customer-centered.


Professional security guards are well-trained to handle crimes and unlawful invasion at your business. They have the necessary skills and equipment to deal with security concerns that might arise at your premises. They can respond to situations, deal with suspects, obtain information from witnesses and ensure that your premises are secure. They can also assist you to prepare a loss prevention report that you will be required to produce in court. Security guards are also well skilled in handling emergency cases and can offer first aid services when the situation demands them to do so.

Maintaining order at the workplace

Security services Vancouver can help you maintain order in the workplace by ensuring that everyone is observing the set rules and regulations. They can prevent visitor or employee misconduct from happening and take disciplinary action against them hence save your business from incurring preventable issues.