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on 3 August 2022

Crowd Control Management: What to Know Before Planning a Large-Scale Event

Crowd control management: What to know before planning a large-scale event

Are you in the process of planning a large-scale event like an outdoor festival or a concert? 

Since events of this scale attract such large crowds and involve so many participants, they also come with a high level of risk. For this reason, everyone’s safety should be one of your top priorities. 

Although being responsible for the safety of so many people is quite a significant undertaking, there are some methods and approaches you can take to decrease your risks of encountering safety-related problems during your event. After all, improving the safety and security of your event greatly increases its chances of success. 

How to Maximize the Safety and Success of Your Large-Scale Event

When planning a sizable event, it helps to understand exactly what types of risks you could potentially be dealing with. These risks could be related to the venue, the type of event you are hosting, the audience, or all of the above. Therefore, conducting a risk assessment analysis is an important first step. 

For instance, if you foresee there being any parts of the venue that could pose potential dangers to your guests during the event, you may want to consider sealing those places off ahead of time. Also, if it seems plausible that agitators could be attracted to your event due to its performers or hosts, you may want to consider preparing for the possibility of dealing with rallying attendees. 

If you have any reason to believe the crowd at your event will be poorly behaved or that they could be targeted by another group, you have to be prepared to handle worst-case scenarios. 

One way to manage crowd control is with an established seating layout. By spreading attendees out across the venue, you eliminate the potential for overcrowding scenarios. When setting up the ticketing for your event, you may want to consider looking into an assigned seating system to keep everything even more organized and under control during your event. 

Another way to minimize risks is to ensure that you hire an adequate amount of staff for your event. Make sure you include an appropriate amount of trained medical staff during that hiring process since you never know what kind of emergency medical situations you could encounter during your event. 

The other important side to this is ensuring that all of your staff, ranging from the stewards to the caterers to the medics, are all properly trained in maintaining proper safety standards, at least within their domain. Going hand in hand with that point, it is also necessary to establish a proper security system that extends through several areas, including the stages, the concessions stands, the viewing area, the venue entrance, and outside the venue. 

No matter what the event is, you may want to consider setting up security checkpoints involving metal detectors to minimize potential safety threats. Setting up security cameras throughout the venue could also help your security team to monitor the event and keep an eye on any potentially problematic situations. 

Finally, having a set of plans in place in case of emergencies is also important. If a crisis of any type ever occurs during your event, your staff has to know how to respond so that everyone can be kept safe. Think about any possible emergencies that could come up and create a plan for handling each scenario effectively, including evacuation strategies, emergency contact establishment, and rendezvous point planning. Communicate these plans to your staff so that everyone knows their role and can respond appropriately in the event of an emergency situation. 

Why Security Is Essential at Large-Scale Events

There are several reasons why it is incredibly important to have adequate security at any large-scale event you plan. The presence of security guards at your event will both make your attendees feel safer while providing numerous practical benefits related to upholding safety measures during the event. 

As previously mentioned, having security establish checkpoints at any entrances and including bag screenings will limit the number of dangerous items brought into the event. The security guards inside your event can also be a significant help with crowd control since they are trained to prevent crowds from getting chaotic. If any fights break out during the event or other issues arise, such as problems stemming from patron intoxication, security is trained on how to deescalate the situation. 

Also, if there are any unruly attendees or unwelcome guests causing problems during the event, security can escort them off the premises. In the event that an emergency situation does arise, your security team will be able to help keep everything under control by managing the crowd and instructing them on how to proceed according to your emergency plan. Therefore, having ample security on hand will help to ensure that all of your guests are kept safe during the entirety of your event. 

Why Optimum Security Is the Best Choice for Special Event Security Services

No matter what the nature of your large-scale event is, hiring reliable security is a vital factor. If you are seeking entertainment security services Vancouver, Optimum Security can handle all of your needs. 

There are so many details you need to concern yourself with when planning a big event. However, if you allow us to take care of everything related to the safety and security of your event, you can direct all of your attention to other important areas, like guest experiences. 

Our experienced, highly trained, and well-equipped team of security professionals will do everything we can to ensure the safety and success of your event. We will work closely with you during the planning stages of your event to extensively prepare for threat identification and analysis, emergency scenario planning, premises inspections, and security equipment setup. 

In doing so, we will help remove as many safety risks as possible, so you can rest assured that your event will run smoothly.

Depending on the scale and type of your event, our event-based security services can be modified to suit your needs accordingly. Once you communicate the details of your event to us, such as your venue location, expected crowd draw, and any other specific safety requirements you have in mind, we will create a plan for the scaling of our personnel presence and premises coverage. 

During your event, we will keep all of your venue’s entrances and exits covered and manage guest and event staff access as required. Our team will also handle crowd control, risk management, and crisis prevention. 

In the event of an emergency during your event, our team is trained to assess the situation and help the crowd evacuate the area as safely and efficiently as possible to minimize losses. If you choose to work with Optimum Security for your next big event, the safety of your guests, staff, equipment, and premises will all be ensured. 

For more information about the special event security services that we offer, or to request a quote, call Optimum Security at 604-644-9229 (in British Columbia), 780-995-9229 (in Alberta), or 416-628-3393 (in Ontario), or contact us by email at