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on 20 March 2018

Finding the Right Security Guard

Running a company that specializes in security guard services can be stressful, even tricky at times.

Nowadays security services are becoming more and more necessary, and as the security industry expands, more potential employees are entering the job market. Your security guard company will probably see some new applicants.

When hiring security guards, the steps may seem straightforward, but do not be fooled. There are many factors that should be considered when looking to hire that new recruit for security patrol.

Security companies in Vancouver are seeing a rise in applicants, and an ideal candidate must be thoroughly vetted. Make sure you are asking the right questions, and avoiding the tricky ones (so as to save from any potential lawsuits). This will ensure your security patrol is the right fit for your company, as well as keeping your Vancouver security company away from any awkward hiring interviews.

Security services, and the security guards of Vancouver, work best with an employer who has the training and knowledge necessary for a smooth operation.

With that being said, when looking to hire new employees for your Vancouver patrol, be sure to avoid these questions:

– Do not ask anything directly related to race, sex, religion, military status, nationality, disability, pregnancy or genetic information. So make sure you do not ask your future security patrol if they have kids or how old they are.

And of course there are some questions that seem to fall in gray areas. But every security company in Vancouver must know that simply rewording a question that fits in the above categories is still illegal to ask. So avoid asking candidates if they’ve graduated from college or what type of accent (if any), they have.

A security guard company needs to be well educated, and all interviewers must be trained on what is appropriate and professional.

Need to Know Questions

There’s just some information you will need to know about your candidate. After all, the security guards of Vancouver will certainly need to be well trained and suitable for security patrol.

Try this method out, describe a job duty that your security services company requires, and ask the employee if they are up to the task, so instead of asking if an employee takes certain holidays away from work, ask them if they can work on a day of the week.

If you need security guards to work overtime during the month, ask them that directly. There’s no need to inquire about their personal lives, and doing so might put your security company at risk for lawsuits.

And of course, these are just a few examples to help your Vancouver security business in finding ideal candidates for your line of work. Be sure to talk to legal professionals as well as HR about the hiring process.

Remember, your security services are helping to keep Vancouver safe!