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on 26 April 2018


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Optimum Security helping the community

Shortage of affordable housing in Vancouver is not only a challenge to the homeless individuals but also to the public at large. This scenario has put the residents at risk for instance through mugging. Homelessness can be because of various reasons such as poverty and drug abuse. The Optimum Security guards together with Helping hand aid & relief are working to help eradicate this menace in Vancouver and its environs. The latter organization help the low income earners and the homeless get through tough and trying times. The optimum guard is a Canadian reliable security company in Toronto that offers security and is based on transparency and being truthful to its clients. We have come together to help the homeless in the province of Vancouver. This merger has helped us rescue a lot of people from freezing during winter.

We are right neighbors to the province and believe in helping communities thrive. We also share the spirit that every individual deserves a decent home. Together we have initiated a program that has been able to address environmental issues and helping the homeless families get decent housing. The people living in the streets are benefiting from inspiration, a steady environment to live in, therapy, and the kind of help they need from us to move forward with their lives.

The two organizations volunteer at homeless shelters to help serve and make a difference to the lives of those who are in need. By so doing, we leave a lasting impact and show the homeless that a workable home is something that anyone can attain. We also help encourage them to live way past their trials. During the visit, the homeless get a chance to meet new friends; feel heartened and enthused to make changes in their daily lives. The homeless also share their stories with each other. This scenario gives them hope to get past their tribulations.

The Downtown Eastside women’s center works towards delivering safe environment for both women and children in the region. The Security guards in partnership with Helping hand aid & relief donate gifts that go directly to helping the vulnerable children and mothers. The donations are highly treasured as they aid the organization in providing support, simple needs and nourishing meals to over 500 mothers and children daily. It also assists women in making positive changes through linking them with services not limited to talent development, wellness, and refreshment. We also work with downtown Eastside women’s center to increase alertness on the kind of prejudices and inequalities that leads towards women susceptibility. As the Optimum guard and Helping hand aid & relief, we realize that to continue rising we need donated clothes from well-wishers to help the less advantaged. We understand that keeping warm on the streets can be a challenge and especially when it rains and during the winter.

We volunteer with the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society a humanitarian organization to offers health, education, recreation and many other activities to the people in all age groups in Vancouver province. Together we work towards competent service provision to the people. We also offer ethnic services to the community members in the town. The volunteering involvement with Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society is always thrilling from the exceptional events they provide, which include various room charges, cuisine, and refreshments. Therefore, it is sufficing to say, our organization is committed change the world one-step at a time by uplifting the lives of the less fortunate in the society.