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on 15 February 2023

Optimum Security: What Are Strike Security Services?

Optimum security: What are strike security services?

Unavoidable labour disputes pose a significant risk for businesses today, because of the potential to harm an organization’s reputation and disrupt its normal operations.

In order to safeguard your business and effectively navigate a labour dispute or other workplace crisis, your company must be fully prepared with a strike contingency plan.

A strike contingency plan is a comprehensive, detailed operational and business continuity strategy developed to allow an organization to continue operations in the event of a labour dispute or other workplace crisis.

Having this clear and detailed plan in place will instill confidence, trust, and reassurance in your business partners and clients if a crisis occurs, while providing your company with an advantage in negotiations with the union.

With that being said, there’s no question as to why strike security services have become such a critical aspect of labour relations for businesses today. These services are strategically designed to protect a company’s assets and personnel during strikes, labour disputes, and other labour-related disruptions.

Below, we will go into more detail about why strike security services involving strike contingency planning are critical for modern organizations.

Substantially Minimize Potential Losses and Damages

One of the main reasons why organizations develop a strike contingency plan is to minimize the impact of strikes on their operations. Strikes can lead to significant financial losses, and damage the organization’s reputation and relationship with customers.

A well-designed strike contingency plan can help organizations minimize these losses and quickly resume normal operations.

Ensure Protection of Staff and Assets

Another reason for organizations to develop a strike contingency plan is to ensure the safety of their valued personnel and loved ones, along with the preservation of their crucial company property and investments.

Unfortunately, strikes and other labour disputes can often be accompanied by violence and property damage, rendering it critical for organizations to have a proper plan in place for optimal protection.

Ensure Compliance With the Law and Avoid Legal Fees

Having a strike contingency plan in place can also help companies to mitigate legal and regulatory risks. There are several laws and regulations that govern the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees during strikes. Businesses must be aware of these laws and regulations to properly comply with them.

A strike contingency plan can help with this issue by making it easier to comply with the law and avoid legal disputes that can be considerably costly.

Minimize Tensions and Mitigate Escalations

Picketing is likely to occur in the event of a strike. Under these circumstances, labour violence or other illegal activities may ensue as a result of employees crossing the picket line.

A detailed strike contingency plan, including the deployment of a highly responsive and mobile workforce, better prepares management to avoid these potential escalations and enables them to respond appropriately at each stage of the crisis.

How We Help Our Clients Prepare for the Worst and the Unexpected

If you are looking at security companies in Vancouver and are having trouble choosing the right one, your search ends here. Optimum Security follows strict strike contingency planning to help our clients prepare for crises.

This involves first building a crisis management team of generally up to ten members, which will typically include the company CEO (or their representative), a financial officer, company legal counsel, a security lead, public relations manager, as well as the human resources manager, alongside other members.

Moreover, our security experts will create worst-case scenarios to effectively model the appropriate responses, allowing for optimal and successful team management of the crisis. Your organization deserves to be prepared and feel protected, including everyone from its executive personnel and employees to associates and loved ones.

Additionally, we will establish standard operating protocols before the crisis, including hiring security guards, locating replacement staff, and more. We ensure that under all circumstances, your perimeters will be secured through professional supervision of security zones.

Lastly, you can rest assured that our security experts will be on top of daily data collection, analysis, and reporting, as detailed record-keeping is of the utmost importance in such situations.

Let Us Help You Develop a Plan for Optimal Protection

Ultimately, it is more important than ever for organizations to develop a strike contingency plan. Ideally, this should be done through professional strike security services to minimize the impact of strikes on their operations. These services are responsible for reducing tensions, ensuring the safety of personnel and assets, and mitigating legal and regulatory risks.

Compared to other security companies, our expert consultants have extensive experience in dealing with labour relations and employee rights. We will work alongside your management team to develop a comprehensive strike contingency plan that will greatly reduce the threats associated with workforce unrest. We will also facilitate business continuity operations as part of your complete security strategy.

Our highly trained operatives will help your company reduce the likelihood of harmful confrontation through our crisis management service, ensuring that all of your valued employees, equipment, and facilities remain safe and sound.

For more information on our labour dispute and crisis management security services in the Vancouver area, please contact Optimum Security at 604-644-9229 (BC), 780-995-9229 (AB), or 416-628-3393 (ON). Alternatively, please contact us here to get in touch with our representatives.