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on 30 January 2016

Security Tips for the Home

Home is where the heart is – but it’s also where your valuables are. With thieves often targeting upscale neighbourhoods, burglary is something that can affect anyone, anywhere. Here are some pointers for keeping pilferers away from your property…


Thieves don’t like attention! Discourage potential burglars by installing outdoor motion-sensor lights. Be sure to buy a brand that features adjustable sensitivity, as there’s nothing worse than false alarms from blowing branches. Patio lanterns and garden lights also provide excellent ways to illuminate the outdoor space around your home but it’s what’s inside that counts! Invest in automatic switches that control the indoor lighting in your absence. The emerging IoT (Internet of Things) market also features various apps that enable you to control your household lights remotely from your phone or device.


Although they’re a costlier investment, home security systems are a big burglar deterrent. If your pockets aren’t deep enough for this investment, consider faux cameras (you can purchase fake alarm system decals, too). The Internet is also full of helpful hacks for turning your webcam into a security camera, too.


How are your acting chops? If you live in a higher crime neighbourhood or believe that your casa’s being cased, turn around in your doorway whenever you leave the house and wish your empty hallway a wholehearted goodbye. As far as anyone who’s watching is concerned, someone’s still at home. Only you know that you’re waving at thin air.


Thieves know what to look for. An overgrown lawn is always a promising sign but nothing say out-of-town like dark windows and two weeks-worth of mail stuffed through your mailbox. Find a friend or a friendly neighbour to cut your grass, collect your cable bills and hang out for an hour or so in the evenings. Your plants need watering, anyway.

Pricey Packaging

Recycling is good. Leaving your devices and Smart TV packaging on the curb is not. Thieves hate taking a gamble so don’t make their lives easy! Leave the cardboard from your big kid toys in the garage. Nothing good can come of advertising your loot.

Social Media

Your Social Network is bigger than you think! Even if you trust everyone in your immediate sphere, you have zero control over who sees your re-tweeted and shared content. If you must broadcast your whereabouts to the world, make sure to take measures to protect your deserted domicile. Better still, save Social Media for memes and food shots. On the technology note, keep your name off your physical mailbox. It’s far too easy for thieves to Google your phone number. And if they call and you’re not at home…

Employ these helpful hints and your home will be that much safer.