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on 4 April 2018

Surrey Crime Rates

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There is no doubt about the fact that Surrey crime rates are very high. Most cities in British Columbia are much safer than Surrey. Many business owners in Surrey have struggled to stay ahead of the rising local crime levels.

In downtown Surrey, around 35 percent of the established ground-level businesses have experienced an assault in 2016. Around 34 percent of these businesses also had problems with thieves, and 26 percent of them had issues with criminals who were breaking and entering.

It isn’t just small business owners who are running into problems like this. The level of crime in the city of Surrey is very high overall. Crime has absolutely increased heavily within the last three years.

The rating associated with people using or dealing drugs in Surrey is very high, which isn’t surprising when people consider all of the other statistics. Property crimes like theft and vandalism have also occurred at a very high rate consistently. This city also has a very real problem with armed robbery and assault.

People in Surrey worry about being robbed, attacked, mugged, and even insulted. They’re concerned that they’re going to get the possessions in their cars stolen, and they’re just as worried about getting their actual cars stolen altogether. This is not a safe city, even during the daytime. At night, it’s one of the most dangerous cities in British Columbia.

Surrey residents are often concerned about just getting through the day in the city, especially if they have a lot of property that needs to be protected. Setting up security systems and hiring security guards could make all the difference in the world for the people of Surrey. People need to find a way to defend themselves in an environment that is clearly hostile.

A security guards can act as an effective deterrent in many cases. Many people in Surrey do not hire security guards, and there is no reason to try to compete with a security guard when there are unguarded areas to rob instead. Security guards can also defend people and areas more directly. They can help people address multiple threats in a complex way.

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