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on 18 October 2021

The 7 Benefits of Mobile Patrol Security

Benefits of mobile patrol security

Operating a successful business is a big responsibility that comes with huge rewards. However, potential criminal activity can occur at any moment and you can never be sure when your business can become a target. Even though having a security alarm system intact is good protection, adding mobile security patrols to your company’s property is an effective way to strengthen the safety of your business.

Mobile security in Vancouver is becoming more prevalent than ever before because it adds an extra layer of protection by offering the physical presence of security guards to your business. If you’re looking for an alternative solution to secure your business property, the first step is to define what mobile patrol security is and take a look at the seven benefits of using them.

What is mobile patrol security?

Mobile patrol security is performed by security guards who are assigned to inspect several business properties, schools, plazas and buildings on a regular basis. Similar to when the police drive around in their cruisers and do a round of checks at shopping centres, banks and businesses, mobile security patrols do a similar task and drive in well-marked vehicles with the name of the security company they work for. Besides driving in cars, mobile patrol security can operate on foot or by bike.

Since there is an increased crime rate in cities and urban neighbourhoods, having a mobile patrol security company drive around to check on businesses acts as a substitute for police patrols. In fact, mobile patrol security lightens the load on the police as they are responsible for responding when alarms go off at business properties or if someone suspicious shows up.

The police are constantly dealing with serious crimes and sometimes do not have the time to check on business properties. Having mobile patrol security check to see that the doors to a business are locked or escort employees to their cars at the end of the night, helps the police focus on other parts of their job. Now that we’ve discussed what mobile patrol security is, we’ll examine the seven benefits of having mobile patrol security increase the safety of your business and the surrounding community.

1. Multiple locations receive surveillance

Since mobile security officers do their work on foot, by car or by bike, they can inspect multiple properties during one shift. Each security officer who provides mobile patrol checks is highly trained to inspect a variety of industries, including:

  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Business centres
  • Car dealerships
  • Commercial offices
  • Construction sites
  • Hotels and motels
  • Museums and galleries
  • Parking lots and garages
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and college and university campuses
  • Shopping centres
  • Warehouse facilities

Mobile patrol security is flexible and can monitor any kind of business or event. Feel free to speak with your security provider to find out if they can monitor your business.

2. Perform different security checks

Mobile patrol security can carry out different security checks on a regular basis. For instance, they can respond to alarms that go off by themselves and physically inspect exterior areas on properties where security cameras have a blind spot. They can also double-check that locks are secured on all windows and doors.

3. Act as a deterrent to crime

Burglars and thieves usually monitor the activity of potential targets months in advance before they try to break in. However, when they see that mobile patrol security guards in marked cars are regularly inspecting their potential targets, this acts as a deterrent because they know that with mobile security guards monitoring the location, they run a much higher risk of getting caught.

4. Analyze data with security patrol software to prevent future threats

The goal of mobile patrol security is to perform security checks in an efficient manner. What is even better is that once they have completed their checks, they enter their data on security patrol software. By implementing security patrol software, you get weekly or monthly reports to see when checks were completed and this helps your security company prevent incidents from occurring in the future.

5. Quick response

In the majority of cases, a security guard is assigned to one location per shift. But what happens when you need multiple locations or a large property with different sections to be monitored? One security guard is not enough. The benefit of having mobile patrol security guards is their ability to get to any location very quickly. This quick response is due to being mobile. If a security alarm goes off, they can be there within minutes versus a stationary security guard who might not be able to get there fast enough by foot.

6. Employee and visitor safety

Many of us assume that security issues only happen at night, but what about during the day when your employees experience a disgruntled customer or suspicious visitor? You’d be surprised at how many incidents that happen during regular business hours require the attention of mobile patrol security. For instance, a suspicious visitor might be scouting the location to plan a burglary or a dissatisfied customer might cause a scene and attack one of your employees or another customer.

There are also incidents of shoplifting, panhandling or loitering that happen during the day that can put your customers and employees at risk. That’s why mobile patrol security is beneficial because they can be there within minutes and quickly intervene when these incidents occur. Additionally, when your employees close up for the night, security patrol officers can escort them safely to their cars.

7. Cost-effective

By hiring mobile patrol security you gain peace of mind because you fulfill your business’s safety and security requirements and make your staff and customers feel protected. Even if you are on a tight budget, hiring mobile security patrols is cost-effective. Services are offered at an affordable rate as you are sharing the cost of the patrol service with other nearby businesses.

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