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on 21 August 2019

8 Reasons to Hire Private Security for Your Summer Festival

8 Reasons to Hire Private Security for Your Summer Festival

Whether you are hosting a large outdoor street festival or a summer music festival, the safety and security of your attendees is always your top priority. That’s where private security companies can help. From general crowd-control to emergency assistance, the presence of trained security guards can help maintain order during your event, minimize damages, and ensure the safety of your attendees. This will go a long way to ensuring the success of your event.

Here is a breakdown of some of the benefits of having professional security guards at your summer festival:

Crowd Control

Whenever thousands of people gather to attend a summer festival, issues are bound to arise. Security guards can help mitigate these issues by controlling the flow of the crowd and putting a stop to any unruly or dangerous behaviour. Trained security guards can offer directions at major bottleneck points, helping improve the flow of traffic throughout your event. This avoids long lines and dangerous overcrowding.

These guards can also address safety concerns caused by intoxicated individuals, as they can remove individuals who are causing problems or endangering the safety of other attendees. In the event of an emergency on-site, security guards can direct attendees to the emergency exits, so everyone is able to leave swiftly and safely.

Secure Access Points

Beyond on-site safety and security, trained security guards can also be placed at each access point to ensure only approved attendees are able to enter the festival. For ticketed events, security guards can ensure the entry lines are organized and moving quickly. They can also prevent those without a ticket from sneaking into the festival so that only paying customers, volunteers, and other staff are granted entry, protecting the safety of attendees and minimizing losses due to illegal entry.

Front of Stage Protection

If your summer festival includes musical acts or other performances, security guards can offer front-of-stage protection for the performers and their crew. Whether you need barriers to separate the crowd from the stage or you need the presence of security guards to deter the crowd from rushing the stage, most professional security services are more than happy to accommodate your security needs. Not only does this ensure the safety of your attendees, but it protects your performers as well.

Emergency Medical Assistance

In the case of an emergency medical situation in the middle of the crowd, security guards can act as first-responders. Most security companies ensure their guards go through basic first-aid and CPR training, so they can address medical emergencies quickly.

If someone passes out from heat exhaustion or dehydration while in the middle of the crowd, security personnel will create a perimeter around the individual and ensure the medical personnel can get to them. Security guards can also administer life-saving CPR and first-aid in the event that the medics cannot get to the patient.

Bag Searches

One of the most important ways to ensure the safety of your festival attendees is to have security perform quick bag searches at the entrance. Not only do bag searches minimize the risk of someone bringing in a handgun, knife, or explosive, but they can also deter people from trying to sneak in alcohol and drugs.

Professional security guards are trained to conduct these searches in the most respectful and courteous manner possible. For added comfort when going through the bag searches — and even pat-downs — female attendees are often searched solely by female guards, and male attendees by male guards.

Mobile Patrols

Depending on the size of your summer festival, it may be impossible to post security guards at every single access point, bottleneck, performance stage, and vulnerable area. To help balance the presence of security, mobile security guards are employed to roam the festival grounds and ensure vulnerable areas receive attention from security staff. This helps ensure the general safety of festival attendees, as there is virtually always a security guard within sight who can be alerted if an emergency occurs.

Personal Safety

Beyond patrolling the access points of your festival and controlling crowd flow, security guards also help maintain the personal safety of each of your attendees. The presence of security guards helps minimize theft and violence. Whether you need security guards to patrol crowds in search of pick-pockets or to remove intoxicated individuals who pose a risk to other attendees, these security guards will help maintain the personal safety of every attendee.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

For many private festivals and events, the act of employing a security company to handle your festival security can reduce your insurance premiums. As the presence of security guards helps minimize injuries, theft, and other emergencies, insurance companies will often work with you to reduce your premiums based on their risk assessment. This can help offset the cost of hiring private security without compromising the safety of your festival attendees.

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