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on 24 May 2021

20 Essential Services Security Guards Provide to Businesses

Essential Services provided by Security Guards to Businesses

Everywhere you go you might notice there is a security guard standing by. The main reason why security guards seem to be at every establishment you go to, is that they are there to protect the general public and act as a kind of secondary police force.

But security guard services aren’t just limited to the public. Security companies provide an abundance of services for just about any event or company. Let’s take a look at twenty essential services security guards provide to businesses.

1. Airports

Airports need security guards on a daily basis to direct passenger traffic and to assist the airport security checkpoints and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Sometimes a disgruntled passenger might get detained at the airport or might argue with a customer service representative at the airline counter. In these kinds of cases, a security guard is usually the first person they page for assistance.

2. Banks

Banks are probably one of the first businesses where security guards were needed on a daily basis and they have maintained a presence in banks right up to the present day. There couldn’t be a movie featuring a bank robbery without at least one security guard in the background.

3. Museums

You’d be surprised how many thieves try to plan museum heists and are caught by security guards. Museums that carry valuable artwork from great artists, such as Picasso, and artifacts dug up from past centuries are worth millions of dollars. So it’s only fitting that security guards protect them when museums are closed.

4.Truck Yards

Think of truck yards as a thief’s playground. There are tons of valuable car parts, electronics, construction materials and equipment that are constantly being dumped in truck yards. This leaves truck yards susceptible to theft and vandalism especially when they are closed. So it is essential that security guards are present during their off-times to watch the yard to prevent theft.

5. Warehouses

Warehouses carry enormous amounts of items, chemicals and expensive equipment. So during business hours and off-times, security guard services are needed to watch over a large area.

6. Shopping centres

Walk through a shopping centre and you’ll notice there is a security guard station tucked away near customer services. Loss prevention guards are always on the lookout for shoplifters. It’s important that shopping centres have security guards doing loss prevention at all times as there are hundreds of retail stores carrying millions of dollars of merchandise under one roof.

7. Construction sites

Like truck yards, construction sites are filled with expensive equipment and construction materials that need safeguarding. When houses and buildings are being built, it is important that security guards watch over them during off-times as they are vulnerable to vandalism and arson.

8. Schools

Children and students are exposed to many dangers and threats. For instance, drugs are easily available around high schools, colleges and universities. School shootings, school yard fights and bullying are fairly common events. Therefore, in some schools, especially inner-city schools where violence and drugs are a problem, additional security services are implemented to ensure students are protected and to give parents peace of mind.

9. Security vehicles

Transporting money to and from banks is risky, as thieves target security vehicles carrying large amounts of cash. Security vehicles need security backup to watch over stopovers at banks and at points of exchange involving expensive goods.

10. Bicycle emergency response

Sometimes the police cannot get to an emergency in time, so employing a bicycle emergency response of security guards to patrol busy streets where there are a lot of businesses and shops is like having mobile security guards on standby.

11. Parking control

Paid parking lots are everywhere in Toronto and sometimes people try to park illegally without paying. Having security guards at checkpoints where cars exit and enter is important for parking enforcement and also prevents car theft and vandalism.

12. Crowd control

Public places holding outdoor events such as concerts, street festivals, annual fairs and amusement parks attract huge numbers of people. Whenever there are large crowds in one spot, foot traffic naturally increases and security guards are there to direct people in the right way to keep the flow of traffic moving.

13. Hotel security

Hotels are hot spots for unexpected events to occur. Since there are travellers, business people, and celebrities staying at hotels at any given time, guests feel a sense of added protection when security guards are on-site to watch over them and their belongings.

14. Condominium security

The majority of condominiums have concierge security as part of the condo lifestyle. Tenants pay monthly maintenance fees that include security services to feel safe. Condo security acts as a preventative measure to deter unauthorized visitors who might be disguised as burglars.

15. Business centres

Business centres that house financial institutions and information technology corporations have their clients’ data stored in thousands of computers. Security guards are employed in business centres to prevent vandalism and computer theft.

16. Jewellery stores

Jewellery stores are susceptible to heists due to the high value of gold and diamonds. Having the presence of security guards acts as a deterrent to keep jewel thieves away.

17. Casinos

Along with banks, casinos have large amounts of cash on hand. Since casinos are open 24 hours a day, having security guards patrolling the premises at all times prevents theft from slot machines, card dealers, ATMs and the guest services counter where cash rewards are paid.

18. Conventions

When annual three-day conventions are held under one roof, business professionals bring in expensive equipment to demonstrate their services and products. Assigning security guards to conventions is similar to crowd control as they are there to keep foot traffic going in the right direction.

19. Hospitals

Many patients try to leave hospitals without permission and this could cause problems for the public. Having security guards assigned to hospitals adds an extra layer of protection to its visitors, patients and staff in case a ‘code white’ is issued, which signifies a violent patient.

20. Government buildings

Security companies are usually tasked with protecting politicians who are considered high-risk individuals. Along with protecting politicians, government buildings contain classified documents that need to be sealed off from the public. When politicians are gone for the day, security guards are assigned to watch over the premises to prevent trespassers from entering.

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