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on 16 February 2017

3 Security Options you Have for your Large Property

Secure Your Large Property

Deterring thieves and invaders from large properties can be quite a challenge considering the likelihood of multiple vulnerable areas. For security purposes, it is important that you work with a professional security team that can identify all problem hotspots in your property, and even community, in order to take the right action for your safety and that of your family, employees, and guests.

Common options for securing large properties include:

1. Security guards

If your commercial property is a likely target for activists, protestors or squatters, preventative security measures such as 24-hour patrolling can help discourage even the most resolute trespassers.
In commercial properties, the presence of uniformed security guards creates a sense of security for employees and customers, providing a stress free environment. Security guards are usually the first personnel your customers encounter. So you should work with a professional security company that offers not only security services, but also the necessary customer service, directing and escorting patrons as need be.

2. Mobile patrol security

Patrol security services can be a great way to safeguard your property, provided you set up through patrol compliance policies in your contract. These “post orders” should be specific as they govern how each officer will service your property.

For instance, the post-orders may require you to set a specific time for patrolling the property – one hour of foot patrol, three times a night between 2100 hrs and 0400 hrs. You may request that the security personnel inspect all areas of the property and document their observations in detail using an activity log.

Any scheduled drive-through patrols should include some time to ensure a complete and effective inspection.

3. Alarm monitoring with private guard response

Following an inspection of the property, whether occupied or vacant, the right security firm should provide a detailed report of the ideal security measures.

Fences, cameras, and lights are usually great deterrents for potential invaders, especially when integrated with detection devices such as motion sensors that set off an alarm. Such equipment should be installed in hidden places and likely areas for break-ins, and remotely monitored.

Beyond alarm monitoring, it is important to consider a private guard response service, where uniformed guards respond whenever an alarm goes off. In the event of an actual threat, the guards will immediately contact the right authorities and remain on-site as need be.

Final note

Keep in mind that the charges for security services are not necessarily reflective of the quality of service offered.