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on 3 January 2022

5 Benefits of Hiring Parking Lot Security

The advantages of hiring parking lot security

Many business owners spend time and effort setting up security plans for their buildings but often overlook protecting the parking lot. However, your parking lot has a lot of risk for customers and visitors. From vandalism to theft to car accidents, having a security guard for your parking lot is a wise investment.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring parking lot security.

5 Benefits of Parking Lot Security

Vehicles can sit in your parking lot for a long period. That makes them an ideal space for crimes like theft. It can also be a high-risk part of your property if you have employees that work early in the morning or late at night. Anyone travelling alone through your parking lot could be a target. Having security for your parking lot can reduce the risk. Here are the best reasons to hire security staff for your parking lot.

1. Reduce theft

Having a security guard patrolling your parking lot can deter thieves from the area. Even just having a warning that there is security in the area can make criminals head in the other direction. And it’s not just theft that security can reduce; you’ll see a decrease in vandalism, property damage, and break and enters into your business.

2. Safety

Having a security presence can bring about feelings of safety among your staff and visitors. This is particularly true for those who need to access your business at more vulnerable times, such as early morning or late at night. Security guards are not just a presence, but they can also act as escorts for visitors, employees, and other guests who need to go through your parking lot. Guards can also investigate anyone who seems out of place on your property.

3. Enforce road rules

Unfortunately, some drivers are inclined to throw out the road rules and regulations. With security presence in your parking lot, drivers will be reminded they need to travel safely and use precaution. In this way, security guards can help reduce dangerous driving practises.

4. Monitor access

Having a security presence can help you monitor access to your parking lot and ensure that no one gains access to a restricted area. Guards can be a physical presence to help verify identification, check driver credentials, and even monitor for illegal substances or items. In this way, you can offer the most protection for your patrons.

5. Extra help

Security guards can also be an additional source of information and assistance for your business and any visitors and guests. For example, they can help drivers manoeuvre out of difficult parking situations. Guards can also assist people who have forgotten where they’ve parked their car. They will also offer directions for drivers and others travelling through the area.

Security guards can even help guide visitors to your business and inform them about rules or regulations they need to abide by. Also, if someone is having car trouble, a security guard could assist them and get them back on their way. When you look at it this way, a security guard is an investment into your business’s reputation. Having a helping hand or assistance will make people think even higher of your company.

Role of Parking Lot Security

There are many things that a security presence in your parking lot can do. Here are the main duties of any guards working for your business.

  • Monitor the area Security guards will be your eyes, ears, and feet in your parking lot. Their role is to encourage visitors to abide by the property rules and municipal bylaws. Guards are also key players in any video monitoring system that you use to secure your property, including your parking lot.
  • Inform other. Another role of guards in your parking lot is to pass on information about traffic tie-ups or collisions in or around your parking lot.
  • Emergency response They can also be one of the first people on the scene of an emergency. Security guards can help secure an area until police or an ambulance arrives. In this way, they can maintain order if there is an incident on your property.
  • Watch for violations Security presence for your parking lot can also keep watch for any parking violations. This can ensure that your business abides by municipal regulations and codes.
  • Assist tow trucks If someone is stuck in your parking lot and needs a tow truck, a security presence can help confirm identities or other details. They can also be on the lookout for any vehicles that need to be towed.

When to Hire Parking Lot Security

Security for your parking lot is not limited to a business or company. Many different occasions could benefit from having guard patrolling a lot or garage, such as:

Festival or Municipal Celebrations

Every city and town has scheduled celebrations and days of honour throughout the year. During these events, people often drive from all over the area. Traffic – and parking in particular – can be a hassle. However, if you hire parking lot security, you can reduce the risk and get on with enjoying the celebrations.

Special Guests or Concerts

It can be exciting to have a big-name band come to your area or a special dignitary visit. But these types of events are known to draw a large crowd. Most of these people will need a place to park their vehicles while attending the show. It’s good to have security guards to keep people safe and encourage drivers to follow the rules.

Municipal Parking Garages

Cities often come alive at night, which is good for the local economy. All these visitors, guests, and residents rely on parking garages to keep their vehicles safe while getting together with friends at local restaurants and coffee shops. Unfortunately, parking garages can also be an attraction for crime. Having security on-site can cut down on vandalism and theft. It will also make you number one to your customers.

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