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on 15 May 2023

5 Important Factors to Consider Before Hiring Event Security Guards

5 important factors to consider before hiring event security guards

While organizing a special event can be fun and exciting, it can also be quite stressful, especially with so much to consider during the planning stage.

From selecting an appropriate venue to finding the right vendors and everything in between, you’ll certainly have a lot on your plate. Still, there is one aspect of your event that you should also never let fall through the cracks: security.

Considering the safety and security of your event is a critical step that should be made a top priority during your planning. Without the appropriate security measures in place, your event (including your attendees, staff, and property) can quickly become vulnerable to unforeseen threats and attacks.

However, before you set out to hire event security guards, there are several factors you should consider to ensure you’re making the right choice.

5 Things to Consider Before Hiring Security Guards

1. Consider your event’s specific needs (including size and type)

The size and type of event you are seeking security for will be an essential factor to consider when hiring your guards. Firstly, larger events will naturally require more security personnel to ensure that every one of your attendees remains safe.

This is because the more people there are in attendance, the more of a challenge it will become to effectively manage the crowd while preventing any potential security breaches.

Secondly, events that feature expensive or higher-value assets will require greater security compared to a similarly sized event without such features. These types of events will also often have a higher profile and may therefore attract greater media attention. This, as a result, places them at a higher risk of becoming a target for groups or individuals wanting to draw attention to their cause or, worse, cause disruption.

Outdoor events (no matter the size) or events that contain multiple points of entries/exits will require additional security guards for this reason. Moreover, events that involve the serving and consumption of alcohol will have an impact on the degree of security necessary, as any altered behaviour from guests can present an added layer of risk.

2. Consider your security guards’ training and experience

Perhaps one of the most critical factors you will need to consider before hiring event security guards is their level of expertise.

You will want to ensure that these guards have the necessary skill set (in addition to being physically fit) to successfully handle potential security threats of any kind. Seek out guards who have experience working at similar events before and who have completed the proper training.

Additionally, if your event is going to have specific security needs (for example, VIP protection or a venue requiring crowd control), it’s critical to hire guards equipped with the specialized training in these areas.

3. Ask to see certifications and licences

Before hiring your event security guards, you will want to ensure that the professionals you are hiring are, in fact, professionals and that they will be complying with the regulations and laws in place.

If you hire unlicensed security guards and they become involved in any unanticipated or unfavourable incidents during your event, you will be at risk for being held liable for any damages or injuries.

Therefore, the security guards you are considering for hire must be fully qualified with all necessary certifications and licensing to ensure a safe and secure event environment and reduce your risk of liability.

This includes asking for proof of an up-to-date Master Security License and a First Aid Certificate.

4. Research online reviews

As you deserve the peace of mind that your event security guards boast a proven track record of success, be sure to research online and read reviews from previous clients. Look for reviews outside of just the security company’s website, as you’ll be able to find the most honest and credible feedback this way.

Additionally, consider asking people you know for a recommendation for event security guard services in Canada that you can trust, especially if they’ve had a previous positive first-hand experience with them.

Doing this necessary research will give you an idea of your prospective security guards’ levels of professionalism beyond the claims made on their website or in their ads.

5. Look for signs of good communication

Good communication skills are paramount when it comes to event security services. Your security hires should be fully capable of effectively communicating with the attendees, staff, and other security personnel at your event.

Additionally, they should possess the necessary communication skills to de-escalate any particularly tense situations and successfully diffuse any conflicts that may arise.

Also, in any case where your event security guard is required to work with law enforcement agencies, they must be proficient in communicating clearly and effectively.

The safety and security of your event’s patrons and your valued employees and your personal assets are paramount. Hiring professional event security guards is one of the best ways to ensure this.

By considering the five factors listed above, you can find the most appropriate security personnel for your special event. You can rest easy, knowing your guests will have not only an enjoyable experience but a safe one, as well.

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