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on 16 April 2022

How To Hire A Security Guard That Is Right For You


Running a security guard providing company is difficult, even exhausting at times. When you are going to hire a security guard that is right for your security company can also be frustrating.

Security services are more essential than ever before, and as the security business grows, more job seekers enter the market. Your security guard company will undoubtedly receive a few new applications.

The steps may appear simple when hiring a security guard, but don’t be fooled. When seeking to hire a security guard, several things to think about.

Security Guard Job Requirements

A security guard is a broad term that refers to anybody who works to protect people, property, and assets from criminal activity. 

Because each location and situation where a security guard might be utilized is unique, you must be confident that you pick the appropriate individual.

To achieve this, you must make sure they are physically able and have been put through their paces. Be careful when hiring a security guard with a criminal history to safeguard your business’s reputation and avoid potential litigation.

Should you go for a security guard who has a college degree? Or should one of your security guard requirements be that the guards have a bachelor’s degree in order to ensure that your future employee has the capacity to de-escalate tense situations instead of constantly reacting physically?

Security guards must pass rigorous training to work legally in Canada. They must also have taken a course that was reputable and thorough. First-aid and disaster recovery skills should have been covered.

If you want to hire a security guard, be sure to check out all those factors.

Hire A Security GuardHere are some of the essential security guard standards.

  • No Criminal Record:

It would be incorrect to claim that everyone with a criminal history will automatically perform poorly. You must be strong and consider your company’s reputation and image while conducting business.

  • Degree:

A college education may be beneficial in terms of security guard talents. It implies that the applicant has good critical thinking abilities and can think logically while processing information and assessing a scenario.

When you need it most, this added insight may be a real help to your company. If the situation escalates, you don’t want to use physical force like some security guards do to remove someone. This should only be used as a last resort.

Instead, you want someone who can think independently about how to de-escalate a conflict. Someone with a college education might be more qualified in this area.

  • Security Guard Training:

This is a must-have feature for every security guard job requirement. The requirements vary by province, and there is no countrywide certification available. Many institutions offer their criteria, so take advantage of them since they often cover the essentials such as first aid, disaster response, and other emergencies.

However, most security guards should have a license, mainly if they are armed. A security guard must pass a drug test and a criminal background check. There might be some studying involved to acquire this.

  • Physically Fit:

In addition to having strong problem-solving and people skills, a security guard must also be physically fit to react appropriately to events. This is one of the most crucial security officer abilities.

You may establish your fitness tests to demonstrate their endurance, and you might insist that they go to the gym three times a week as part of their employment contract. If the security guard is part of a bigger team, ask existing staff to put them through their paces.

  • Experience and Training:

Another component of any security guard skill is experience. No amount of qualifications can compensate for previous interaction with the security at various locations.

While you may provide on-the-job training to all of your new employees, you should look for anyone you hire who has worked in security at a comparable location.


Vancouver security companies are receiving a lot of resumes, and an appropriate applicant must go through a thorough screening process. Make sure you’re asking the right questions and avoiding those that might cause problems.

This will guarantee that your security patrol is the right fit for your company while keeping your Vancouver security company from uncomfortable hiring interviews.

Vancouver security services and the security guards function better when working with an employer with the proper training and understanding required for a successful operation.

When you hire a security guard for your Vancouver security company, avoid asking these questions:

Do not inquire about race, sex, religion, military status, nationality, disability, pregnancy or genetic information. Also, don’t ask your future security guard if they have children or how old they are.

On the other hand, some situations appear to be in a gray area. However, every Vancouver security agency must understand that merely changing a question that falls into one of the categories mentioned earlier is still illegal.

As a result, avoid asking candidates if they graduated from college or what kind of accent (if any) they have.

A security guard company needs to be well-versed. All interviewers must be properly instructed on what is appropriate and professional.

Need to Know Questions : Hire A Security Guard

There is simply some information you need to know about your candidate. After all, your security guards will undoubtedly need to be well-trained and suited for security patrol and security monitoring services.

Try this approach out and describe a job duty that your security company needs, then ask the employee if they are capable of doing it, rather than asking if an employee is willing to take certain holidays away from work.

If you want security guards to work overtime during the month, ask them. There’s no need to pry into their personal lives. Putting your security company in jeopardy of lawsuits is not a good idea.

These are just a few samples to assist your Vancouver security agency when hire a security guard for your line of work. Make sure to speak with legal and HR professionals about the hiring procedure.

Remember, your security services are assisting in the protection of Vancouver!