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on 25 March 2018

Why should you hire security guards ?

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Security guards and mobile patrol services are crucial for individualized security and safety enhancement. Some people may ask, why not call the Police? The matter of fact is that security guards and mobile patrol services provide customized security services tailor-made for the specific needs of an individual, property owner or an entity.

Mobile Patrol and security guards streamline business operations

Businesses with security guards have orderly activities that are rarely interrupted by irate individuals. Additionally, security patrols routine inspections assure customers of their safety. This builds customer loyalty and customer retention. For example, in Port Coquitlam, seaport security gives the port users the assurance and confidence to continue using the seaport’s services.

Security guards and mobile patrol guards acquaint themselves with areas of duty

Over a period, service, they can be able to develop situational awareness and, therefore, be able to make impactful decisions on safety standards. For example, in residential areas such as Langley, Burnaby, Richmond, Maple Ridge, Surrey and North Vancouver, they have in-depth knowledge of the localities, i.e., they know most of your friends, visitors, and neighbors. Additionally, in places such as hospitals and truck yards, security guards can save a dire situation like give a CPR or assist park a truck respectively.

They provide onsite physical security

Security guards provide protection that is tailor-made for a client. In Vancouver City, security guards give a feeling of security in workplaces such as Banks, Retail stores, and Libraries. Additionally, they deter shoplifting in retail stores as well as controlling visitors and customers.

Security guards and patrols evaluate insecurity and deter lawbreakers

They are professions in practice, and they can estimate the situation at hand. They are therefore able to prevent security breaches that could be catastrophic and escape the eye of law enforcement. They are ideal for high-security areas such as Airports and High-value places-art galleries, museums, and jewelry stores.

Security patrols are complementary to law enforcers’ patrols

Patrols are a vital component in building a secure neighborhood. One of the most common roles of security patrols is to respond to security alarms. The swiftness of their respond prevents damage, harm, and even life. Additionally, security patrols can stumble on a security breach and inform the law enforces even before other people realize. They are the eyes that scout for threats on our behalf.

Security guards assist

In some situations, security guards complement the customer cares personnel. They give directions, information and answer to simple quarries which when the customer service team is overwhelmed. For example, in a hotel in New Westminster, security guards can assist the Concierge personnel to direct hotel customers to receptions, parking lots and receptions.

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