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on 24 August 2022

Retail Security: Uniformed vs. Undercover Guards

Retail security: Uniformed vs. Undercover guards

Unfortunately, crime is a reality of life that we all have to face. As a business or retail owner, crime, vandalism and theft are all factors that you need to consider as part of your business strategy.

It’s definitely wise to have security systems in place to deter and prevent crime, such as surveillance cameras, access control systems and security guards. It could mean the difference between a prosperous business and one that is suffering major losses. At Optimum Security, we take great pride in our retail security services that help our clients keep their businesses thriving.

Read on to find out some of the benefits of our services and our uniformed or undercover security guards.

Retail Security

The mall is certainly a target for thieves, both amateur and professional. This also goes for your retail store or front. With so many people entering and exiting on a daily basis, it’s hard to tell where the threat may come from.

With retail security guards, you can rest assured that your retail store or business is being guarded at all times by trained professionals. They can observe and document incidents that take place and address areas of weakness or loopholes in your security systems.

While security cameras should also be installed for added benefit and safety, physical guards can elevate your security and serve as a sign of authority on the premises.

Deter Shoplifting

Shoplifting takes away from your bottom line and cuts into your profits at the end of the day. It’s never a good feeling when you find out someone has been stealing from your business. While it is certainly upsetting, there are ways to prevent shoplifting and keep your business from being an easy target.

Uniformed security guards are great at deterring theft and can act as a physical sign of your high-quality security. Thieves will be less likely to choose your business as a target if they know it is being guarded and can visibly see guards who are alert and present.

Internal Theft

One of the greatest benefits of plain-clothed or undercover security guards is that they can detect and catch theft, which is internal. They are known for being discrete and act as regular customers or visitors to your property. By blending into the background, they can easily detect theft (especially that which comes from internal staff).


Undercover security guards are not easily identifiable to the general public. They wear regular clothes to blend in with others and the surroundings. They can identify weaknesses in your building or retail security and can catch people in the act of committing crimes. This makes it easier to identify who the thieves/criminals are and to convict them of their crimes. Also, undercover guards will wear body cameras so that there is no question as to their findings.

Floor Walkers

Sometimes known as floor walkers, undercover security guards will walk the floor of your retail store to look out and identify potential threats. They will be in the midst of the activity and will not be easily identifiable to thieves or criminals. This ensures that should a crime occur, the criminals will be apprehended on the spot and can be brought to justice based on the testimony and witness of our undercover guards.

Assess Your Security

Depending on your business needs, you could benefit from both uniformed and undercover security guards. For ultimate protection, we advise the use of both of these types of security as they are both useful for different types of crimes. Together, they will be a great addition and complement to existing loss prevention strategies.

Furthermore, should you need a security assessment, we would be happy to consult with you to discuss your needs and potential security issues. When dealing with retail security, it’s important to address weaknesses in security and to act and improve on them as soon as possible.

Mystery Shoppers

Undercover guards can act as mystery shoppers not only to prevent theft but to assess the operation and loss prevention strategies in place at your retail store. Mystery shoppers can give important feedback to business owners and help you to improve your security. They can review customer service and satisfaction to ensure that your employees are also on the lookout for potential threats to security.

Ultimately, you want to protect your investments and reduce loss at your business or retail store. The better your security, the less theft and loss you will experience. Hiring both a combination of uniformed and undercover security guards helps protect against external and internal criminal activity. Depending on your business needs, you may benefit from the use of both uniformed and undercover guards or more of one than the other.

At Optimum Security, we can assess your business needs and identify security weaknesses to create a plan specifically for your workplace. For more information on retail security and undercover security guards in the Vancouver area, please contact Optimum Security at 604-644-9229 (BC), 780-995-9229 (AB) or 416-628-3393 (ON). Alternatively, you can fill out the online form here, and our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.