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on 12 April 2022

Security Officers Vs Security Guards

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There are many times when individuals get confused security officers for security guards. Security guards who are wearing uniforms are frequently affected by this. Companies and people must know the difference between security personnel that wear uniforms and security guards.

This is important because customers should be able to tell when they need security guards or whether they require the services of a security officer.

Difference Between a Security Guard and a Security Officer

  • Job level and training

People begin their working lives as security guards before being promoted to security officers. A security guard position is the start point for everyone interested in pursuing a career in security services.

Individuals must complete a basic security training guard course in Canada before passing their examinations and obtaining security guard licenses. Edmonton Security companies are known to hire people who have passed their exams.

Because of their experience, security guards may be promoted to higher-level positions over time. A security officer is one such position. Because the job is open to individuals with considerable industry expertise, the compensation grade will be greater than that of a security guard.

A security officer may be required to perform high-level functions within a security team. Security organizations are recognized for ensuring that their security officers are adequately trained before deploying them with their security teams.

  • Roles that they have within the security company

Many people are under the impression that security guards and security officers perform identical duties. Even though this person’s services may be obtained from the same security business, they have been trained to undertake some command responsibilities within their staff.

Security guards are responsible for particular duties while protecting individuals and the property of clients who have hired them. A security guard may be assigned to check the belongings of all visitors and workers that pass through the entrance of a structure.

The effectiveness of the security guard’s actions will be evaluated and how well they completed the task. On the other hand, a security officer may be in charge of assigning which security guards would be assigned to protect various areas of the facility.

The security officer’s position is to ensure that they have completed their duties successfully, and the security officer may choose to replace any of the security guards as needed. Security officers may also have to deal with the company’s managerial staff.

  • Job assignment or placement

Because security guards are in charge of protecting people and property on their assigned job sites, they must be accessible and visible at fixed posts at predetermined times. On the other hand, security officers are not required to be on-site all of the time.

They may be required to go to the site regularly to see how things are progressing, but they usually aren’t required to remain on the premises all day. They can do their tasks remotely and have strategies for contacting the security guards assigned to specific locations if necessary.   

Security Guards Edmonton

  • Scope of work

It has been defined that security guards handle specific tasks in the respective areas assigned to protect. This shows that they only need to protect the security of one client and one specific job site.

With a security officer, the extent of work may be more significant. Depending on the client’s needs, a security officer might be assigned to manage numerous job locations from the same customer.

The security officer may be required to move from one job site to another to understand the circumstances in various locations. Suppose security guards feel the need to retrain. In that case, they can do it effectively on their own if security officers discover that they need to retrain the security guards working under their supervision.

  • Reports and evaluations

Guards are only concerned with filing reports that are pertinent to their responsibilities. Their senior officers utilize these guards’ daily duties to evaluate them for job progression possibilities based on their reports.

Security officer reports are designed to examine how the whole team functions regarding security officer report. Security officers’ information may also be used to see whether particular parts of the company need to have better processes and security levels.

The reports produced by these security officers are generally given to their superiors at the security company Edmonton and, if applicable, to the assigned team that handles any security concerns on behalf of the Edmonton security company that hired the security services of the security team.

The clients’ and security officers’ feedback and evaluations from all the reports they submit are used to determine whether they may promote to the next level.

Hire Security Personnel From A Reputable Security Company

When comparing these two sorts of security personnel, one thing that stands out is how their roles and responsibilities are emphasized. However, where do people get their security teams from?

To create an effective security system in a business, you’ll need a group of trustworthy and reputable people. It doesn’t matter if the person is a security guard or a security officer; you should be confident that they have principles and are honest and hardworking individuals.

Our reputable security company Edmonton has a well-established recruiting procedure to ensure that only qualified individuals are hired. If you have concerns about the security of your site, contact Optimum Security at 780-995-9229.