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on 5 April 2021

The Top 7 Industries That Need Security Guards

The Top 7 Industries in Which Security Guards Are Needed

When it comes to organizational security, every business must address several issues including staff safety, asset protection, and data security. These issues are faced across multiple industries, and to successfully address them, businesses must employ a robust workplace security system to prevent crimes such as burglaries, physical damage, assault, fires, system hacking, and so on.

Guards have become a necessity in every workplace security system for good reason: they help to protect most aspects of a business from various threats, ensuring the safety of employees, clients, assets, documents, and the building itself. In the event of a crime, security guards are the first to respond and know how to handle every situation because they’re trained for it.

Both big and small businesses can benefit from hiring security guards to keep their valuables, workforce, and properties safe and secure. Even online businesses, like Google, need to employ security guards to prevent criminals from accessing the premises where they store the personal information of millions of people across the world. Retail stores, supermarkets, and banks also rely on security guards to keep their money safe and create a sense of safety for both staff and customers by deterring crime. This implies that all kinds of businesses can benefit from hiring security guards from a reputable security company.

Generally, any industry that has a high risk of potential criminal activities occurring or experience a high level of traffic from people entering and exiting the premises require security guards. Here are some industries that can benefit from hiring security guards:

1. Banking and financial services

This is one of the industries that requires the highest level of security, not only to protect the money and valuables for different clients stored inside, but also to counter armed criminals looking to rob these items with violence. As a result, banks employ a multitude of security features and procedures that are not apparent to the public, as well as some visible security measures to deter crimes.

In the latter category, you will definitely notice security cameras inside and outside the building, as well as armed security guards. Armed security guards may be necessary to deter or combat armed robbers. They also help to provide staff and clients with a sense of security and put them at ease as they conduct their business. The security guards may also help to direct clients to different bank sections or departments depending on their needs.

2. Retail and wholesale

Uniformed security guards are an invaluable component in any loss prevention strategy for retailers. Retail stores lose millions of dollars every year due to theft, and especially shoplifting. Retailers can reduce this loss of revenue by positioning unarmed security guards at the entrance to act as a deterrent.

Larger stores can also employ a more elaborate loss prevention strategy with video cameras and a surveillance room where security guards can monitor activities in real-time, 24/7, and assist in investigating any incidents. Some stores can also have some of their security officers dressed in plain clothes to blend in with the customers and walk around the store to watch for any suspicious activities.

3. Learning institutions

Schools have a responsibility to provide a safe and secure learning environment for students, teachers, parents, personnel, visitors, and other members of the school community. Considering the recent increase in cases of school violence, it’s clear that management must employ more measures to prevent and/or quickly address any incidents.

Posting a sufficient number of well-trained security guards can help to prevent most problems from occurring while easing the anxiety of learners, educators, and parents. Enhancing the security of learning institutions will, in turn, create a more productive learning environment and result in greater outcomes academically, emotionally, and socially.

4. Medical facilities

Hospitals, psychiatric wards, and other medical facilities also require trained security guards to help monitor visitors and ensure their safety, as well as that of patients and staff. Security guards are usually positioned at the entrance of medical facilities to monitor people entering and leaving, direct visitors, and create a sense of security that eases the minds of patients, their loved ones, staff, suppliers, and other parties accessing the facility. They need to be sympathetic and rational when handling any incidents that may arise, especially highly emotional situations.

5. Manufacturing and industries

Manufacturing and assembly plants can become targets of theft, vandalism, inventory and equipment theft, tampering, and violent disputes, as well as fire emergencies and other dangerous events. Hiring trained security guards with specialized training in handling the various incidents that may arise in a manufacturing plant can help to ease the minds of workers and visitors, and allow them to stay focused on their activities.

Security guards can help to direct traffic, both people and vehicles, to use the right paths and to stay away from potential dangers or risk areas. They also restrict the entry of unauthorized people, clear visitors, log vehicles entering and exiting the premises, verify drivers, and direct different parties accordingly. Trained security guards can also work with local safety and emergency teams among the employees to facilitate evacuation and other emergency procedures in the event of fires, explosions, accidents, and other events.

6. Hotel and hospitality

Guests need to be assured of their safety and that of their valuables, vehicles, and other possessions that they bring along. Having trained security guards at the entrance/exit for access control, who also patrol the premises regularly and respond promptly to complaints or calls for help, can provide visitors and staff with peace of mind when enjoying themselves or working, respectively.

7. Construction

Construction sites typically feature a lot of highly valuable assets, from the large equipment and trucks to the costly construction materials to labour costs, yet they’re expected to work within set budgets and timeframes. These sites are prone to trespassing, tampering, vandalism, theft, and crime, which can derail a project and lead to massive losses. Hiring security guards can help to ensure order at the construction site with restricted access of people, vehicles, and personnel. They can also protect assets and materials on-site from theft or vandalism to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

Final Note

Every business must take various measures to protect their resources, including people and assets. Hiring trained security guards is one of the most effective ways to enhance the security of your business, especially if it falls in one of the categories mentioned above. With the help of a reputable security in Kelowna company, you can determine the type of guards that will best serve your needs, whether they’re armed or unarmed, in uniform or casually dressed, stationed at the entrance/exit or patrolling your premises, and other parameters.

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