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on 27 June 2019

The Top Five Security Types For Public Events in Vancouver

The Top Five Security Types For Public Events in Vancouver

As summer gets underway, public events in and around Vancouver also heat up. While these events make the most of the warm weather and relaxed atmosphere, they also pose security challenges for organizers.

To ensure that those who attend public events are safe, whether it is in the summer or any other time of year, proper measures need to be taken.

Public events include a variety of activities such as:

  • Sporting matches
  • Craft fairs
  • Music concerts
  • Parades
  • Festivals
  • Fundraisers
  • Political events
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences

Regardless of the type of event, any time a large number of the public is gathered, there needs to be a security protocol to ensure the safety of everyone. Without proper security measures, it can become an opportunity for trouble. This includes protests, riots, theft, assault, and even terrorism.

Why security guards?

When it comes to planning a public event, hiring security guards offers organizers a customized service that can be tailor-made to fit into any type of scenario. The job of a security guard differs from that of a police officer. While a police officer usually responds to crimes, security guards are the best fit to attend to situations where there is little chance of serious crimes to occur. Public events are an ideal place to employ security guards. Often, the presence of security guards can deter would-be criminals from following through on their plans to cause trouble.

Types of Security

Organizers of public events in the Lower Mainland should be aware of the five different types of security they need to plan for. These include:

  1. Guests. Although the event may be considered a public event, that does not always mean that everyone and anyone will be allowed to attend. Depending on the type of activity, security may be needed to ensure only those on an approved list are allowed access to the venue. Along with ensuring only invited guests attend, security personnel will also need to know who is working at the event so they can allow access to those employees as well. This type of security issue will also demand the right equipment to maintain order at the entrances.
  2. Parking lots. When a large number of people gather, there will also be a large number of vehicles parked nearby. This can be a big attraction for thieves and vandals. In fact, statistics show that car break-ins have doubled in the past few years in Vancouver. Media reports indicate that an average of 40 vehicles per day were broken into last year. “A lot of these are crimes of opportunity,” Police Chief Adam Palmer told the Vancouver Courier. “So people will be walking down the street trying doors, they’ll be looking in cars. If they see anything of value, if they see some loonies and toonies and quarters in your cup holder or something, they’ll break into your car to steal that.” And this is just day-to-day operations in the city. Therefore, event organizers need to plan for security in and around parking lots or other areas where vehicles will be left while guests are inside.
  3. Intoxicated guests. As a courtesy to guests, if there is alcohol on the premise, organizers should hire some additional security personnel to monitor the area. In particular, personnel can focus on finding safe transportation for those guests who are not sober enough to drive themselves. This can include calling a cab, a family member, or a friend to pick them up and take them home. Such a service not only keeps your guests safe, but it also keeps our roads and other drivers safe. By offering your guests this extra level of security, organizations will also be building up their public reputation by demonstrating they are concerned about keeping people and our city secure.
  4. Medical assistance. Another risk at public events are medical emergencies. These situations cannot be predicted and there should be procedures put in place to keep both the patient and other guests safe if they do occur. Having the right tools and equipment, such as a defibrillator or AED, is one way to ensure guests are safe if an emergency medical situation arises. Another thing to plan for is having enough security personnel on site to address any medical situations should they happen. This includes having someone attend to the patient, another person to keep other guests safe, and an additional person to contact first responders.
  5. Visibility. One of the most important elements of having security on site at any public events is to deter anyone thinking of getting out of hand. This means that your security personnel need to be identifiable with uniforms and they also need to be seen by the public. While some organizers may be concerned that attendees will be uncomfortable with uniformed officers walking around, it is important to stress to guests that the security guards are there to protect and ensure that the event is safe and secure.

When it comes to having a successful public event, security is key. Regardless of the type of event, whether it is a sports match, fair or festival, parade or concert, fundraiser or political event, or even a conference, having security personnel on site is important.

Over the summer months, Vancouver plays host to many public events and gatherings. Keeping guests, residents, and tourists safe can be a challenge, and without the right security measures, it can lead to trouble. Organizers can ensure they have procedures in place to deal with the five types of security issues so they have peace of mind before, during, and after the event.

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