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on 12 June 2023

What Do Mobile Patrol Security Guards Do?

What do mobile patrol security guards do?

With the safety of staff, property, and customers under constant threat, many businesses, homeowners’ associations, and other organizations are turning to mobile patrol security guards to provide trusted protection.

From patrolling areas and monitoring access control systems to responding to alarms, conducting routine checks, and providing first aid, these hard working professionals are all that stand between order and chaos.

In this article, let’s take a closer look at the roles of mobile patrol security guards to better understand how they promote safety in Canadian communities.

The Responsibilities of Mobile Patrol Security Guards

The primary responsibilities of mobile patrol security services in Canada typically include the following:

Monitoring Facilities

Mobile patrol security guards are tasked with regularly monitoring all areas of their facility to detect any potential hazards or criminal activities before they become major issues.

They conduct regular patrols of the premises, monitor CCTV systems, lock/unlock doors as needed, and promptly investigate alarms or other warnings. Mobile patrol security guards must also remain alert during their duties to identify anything out of place and report it immediately if necessary.

On-Site Security Services

Mobile patrol security guards also provide on-site services such as:

  • Escorting individuals within a building or across a property line.
  • Providing access control by verifying credentials.
  • Inspecting vehicles for stolen items.
  • Informing visitors of regulations regarding personal safety.
  • Making sure that only authorized personnel enter restricted areas.
  • Assisting with crowd management during events or emergencies when needed.

Responding to Emergencies

Mobile patrol security guards are responsible for responding to any emergency situation that may arise on the premises they guard. This includes investigating and reporting suspicious activity to their supervisors or the police.

They must also be able to quickly contact local law enforcement to ensure a fast response time.

Criminal Code Provisions Relating to Mobile Patrol Security Guards in Canada

Mobile patrol security guards in Canada are authorized to make arrests without a warrant, use reasonable force when necessary, and search persons or places. They can also communicate with police officers as required.

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, mobile patrols have the authority to arrest any person for an indictable offence—a crime punishable by imprisonment—without a warrant if there is reasonable cause to believe that they committed it. This includes situations where a person flees from the patrol after being asked for identification or commits a breach of peace in their presence.

When making an arrest or conducting searches and seizures, mobile patrol security guards must act within their jurisdiction and comply with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which outlines rights such as protection against arbitrary detention or unreasonable searches.

Furthermore, all evidence gathered during these activities must be admissible in court proceedings should charges be laid against the accused party.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities of Mobile Patrol Security Guards

In addition to their primary duties of patrolling and responding to incidents, mobile patrol security guards may have other duties and responsibilities depending on their job requirements and the specific needs of the organization, such as the following:

Handling Burglaries

Mobile patrol security guards are also responsible for protecting against robberies on the premises they guard.

This includes immediately responding to alarms or other suspicious activity warnings and investigating any evidence of break-ins or theft. They must be able to contact local law enforcement so that appropriate action can be taken promptly.

Maintaining Crowd Control

Mobile patrols often provide crowd control services during large events such as concerts or sporting matches where unruly crowds or protesters could pose a threat. This includes ensuring adequate spaces between fans inside a stadium seating area so people are not jostling with each other due to overcrowding issues.

They may also need to direct traffic flow outside venues if necessary and respond promptly should any disturbances arise within their designated area of responsibility during these events.

Conducting Routine Checks and Tests

Routine checks and tests of all security equipment are a crucial responsibility of mobile patrol personnel. This includes inspecting the operation of alarm systems and ensuring they are fully functioning to alert them to any unauthorized activity or suspicious behaviour.

They may be required to conduct random checks of buildings to ensure no unauthorized individuals are present. Security guards should also monitor fire safety equipment and regularly check access points like gates and fences to detect tampering or damage before it becomes an issue.

Reporting and Documentation

Mobile patrol security officers must keep records of incidents, patrols, and other activities, generate reports, and submit them to supervisors or other relevant parties. They also need to write reports on any incidents or suspicious activity they encounter during their shift.

Accurate record-keeping is required to ensure that security protocols are followed, to detect possible security threats, and to provide a comprehensive picture of the security status at a specific property or location.

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