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on 6 July 2020

When Should You Hire a Fire Watch Security Guard Service?

Fire watch security guard service

As a resident of a multi-family residential building, you may not know it, but you have fire watch security for your building. If you own a commercial or industrial building, you will have fire watch security maintaining vigilance for your building security. Sporting events, construction sites, and many others will have some semblance of fire watch security to protect the sites from the problems that come with a fire. Security companies also provide fire watch security as one of their services.

Municipal and provincial regulations and bylaws require that any building owner, regardless of the type of structure, must be in compliance with regulations or face the consequences. Fire watch security is a fail-safe option for buildings when traditional fire notification systems are impaired. There are times when a malfunction will affect fire alarms, causing them to be rendered inoperable. A fire watch security system—using patrol guards—will help alert residents to the danger within. Alerting fire departments is another task that a fire security watch assumes when dealing with problems on a site.

Maintenance of any system is essential, and when your fire alarm systems require service or upgrades, deploying a fire security watch service will also protect the building during that time.

Now is the Time to Hire a Fire Security Watch Service

Fire accidents are preventable if you have an adequate fire watch security service. Fire watch security and prevention services on-site will eliminate most if not all accidents that occur. A small investment in fire watch services will stop the enormous losses that a fire causes and the toll in human costs that it creates.

The Special Event

    • Any special event must come with a plan to deal with emergencies. A fire can happen at any time, and approval for a special event must include a fire watch security guard in your security plan. Controlling an emergency is paramount to protecting the attendees of the event. The workers’ safety is another consideration in the presentation of the event at the venue.

Construction Sites

    • Many accidents happen on construction sites. Before you commence a new project, you must convince the authorities that you have hired a fire watch security service to receive approval to proceed. Fire risks are involved in the creation of the structure itself, the vehicles, and the building materials used. Using a fire security watch guard identifies all such risks and hazards associated with the causes of a fire event. Also, the fire watch guard will help protect human life and machinery in the event of fire through careful observance of the site.

Structures at Risk of Fire

    • Many commercial structures like schools, hospitals, movie theatres, and assorted buildings catering to trade and commerce are susceptible to the risk of fire. The old Boy Scout motto, “Be prepared,” best serves the interest of a building owner or manager. Problems can arise when least expected, and fire will ravage a building and its occupants if not adequately prepared in the event of a catastrophe.

Supply Chains and Factories

  • The supply chain, also known as warehousing, is under threat of fire damage. Warehouses and factories have many materials stored, including finished products. The chance of a fire outbreak is higher in this industry, and an accidental fire can destroy many lives, buildings, and materials. Using a fire watch security guard will reduce the risk of loss of life and inventory.

Where You are Vulnerable to a Fire Risk

There are many areas where you are exposed to fire risks, including:

  • Concerts, exhibitions, and special events
  • Apartment complexes
  • Commercial buildings such as strip malls
  • Retail locations
  • Hotels and motels
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Warehouses and factories

Fire Security Watch Requirements

A fire security watch is a necessity and a growing need. Damage and loss of life are the contributing factors that demand a fire security watch. In emergencies, fire watch security is the difference between fatalities and lives saved.

  • As we know, a fire alarm is a high decibel alert that calls people to action. A possible breakdown in the alarm system or a power failure creates the need for fire watch security.
  • Damage to a fire alarm system can be accidental or deliberate, rendering the components inoperable. The effectiveness of the system becomes compromised, thus making the need for security personnel even higher.
  • In any building, there are fire suppression systems like sprinklers and standpipes. If they aren’t automated to detect smoke, they won’t work. Common areas at risk—corridors, equipment areas, and elevators—become death traps. However, a fire security watch will alert residents and therefore protect against such dangers.
  • A fire alarm panel is installed in every building, and it needs contact with a central monitoring station in the event of a fire. If you have a loss of communication, you can’t alert the fire department when a fire starts. A fire security watch, however, will alert the fire department when needed.

Know Who to Call When You Need Help

Not every security company offers fire watch security. To provide fire watch security services, a security company must have personnel that are specially trained to identify the risks and hazards associated with fire watch security.

Every situation is unique, and your fire watch security plan must meet the considerations you face as a building or event operator.

Planning for eventualities is how we can help you at Optimum Security. We have a great deal of experience creating fire watch security plans to protect your facilities and the people who use it, and our expertise is currency.

Our service line for fire security touches all areas of society, and your concerns for your commercial, apartment, construction, or warehouse facility is our mission. Safety is our number one priority at Optimum Security, and we want to help improve yours. To talk to an expert and receive a detailed fire security plan, contact us here for a free quote and consultation.