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on 10 March 2020

Why You Should Hire Security Guards

Need to hire security guards

No matter what business you’re in, it’s important to keep your customers and visitors safe. The reality is that any public gathering place could be a target of criminals. This includes shopping malls, schools, tourist attractions, public celebrations, or other events. Companies and organizations that run and operate these types of businesses need to have good security strategies to ensure the safety of their staff and guests.

One of the best ways to improve the safety of these types of places is to have a plan and to hire professional security guards.

Do you need a security guard?

Any business can benefit from having professional security guards on-site, but you may have particular security concerns. Here are some significant reasons to hire a security guard:

  • Parking lot and other safety concerns
  • Located in a high-crime area
  • Revenue loss due to theft
  • Record keeping
  • Alcohol is consumed on the site
  • A high volume of visitors
  • Emergency assistance

Reasons to Hire Professional Security Guards

Organizations need to provide a feeling of safety in their guests and visitors. This can boost your reputation, which may lead to more visitors. There are several good reasons to include having professional security guards as part of your safety strategy. They include:

Feeling secure: Visitors to your place will feel safer if they see that you have security guards on-site. Having professional security guards at your business can also make your employees feel more secure when they come to work.

Emergencies and crises: If an unexpected event should happen at your business, professional security guards have the skills to handle it. They have the training and expertise needed to deal with difficult individuals or situations. Having security guards to help in a crisis can give you, your employees, and any visitors peace of mind.

Dissuading unwanted guests: Security guards often set up security checks at the entrance to your business. This can help keep potentially dangerous individuals out. Professional guards can check employee identification and visitors’ belongings. This helps to keep your businesses safer by not permitting items inside that may pose a problem or danger.

Fire: Any space that draws a lot of traffic and visitors can present a higher fire risk. Accidents can happen, and by having security guards on the premise, you can be sure that you have extra protection against fires. These skilled hands at your business can help rescue people, put out the fire, or call the fire department.

First Aid: Unfortunate events can happen, causing your employees or visitors to need some extra care and attention. Security guards are trained in First Aid responses. This means they have the expertise and equipment that you need to address any injuries or accidents that happen at your business.

Customer service: Security guards can also be an extra set of hands to help with customer service tasks. They can be placed at a front desk to greet guests or even escort visitors around the property, especially at night.

Loss prevention: Theft can cost your business big money, but preventing loss can be a challenge. Hiring security guards to protect your space and merchandise can help you reduce the financial impact of theft at your company. This is particularly important for those in the retail industry, but it’s important to note that theft can hurt any size and type of business.

Property monitoring: Although security cameras can be a key part of your security plan, they cannot always watch every corner of your space. Having professional security guards on the property means that there is always someone watching what’s happening in real-time. Unlike cameras, which reveal how a crime occurred after the fact, security guards can prevent a crime from happening. They are also skilled at monitoring security camera footage if needed.

Types of Security Guards

There are a variety of professional security guards that you can hire to protect your business. The kind of company you have and the needs identified in your security plan will dictate the type of security guard that is right for the job.

  • Uniformed security guards. These guards patrol your property and provide security by their obvious presence. While the appearance of a security guard at your business can make employees and guests feel safer, it isn’t the right security presence for all businesses.
  • Private security guards. Guards that are a little less high-profile than uniformed guards may be the right fit for your business, depending on your security strategy. These guards are often in street clothes, so they blend into a crowd.
  • Unarmed guards. If you simply need the presence of a security guard on your property, an unarmed guard might be the right fit. For businesses that don’t want or need weapons for protection, an unarmed guard is an ideal solution.
  • Armed guards. Trained in handling more physically demanding confrontations, armed guards may be the right fit for businesses that are located in neighbourhoods with lots of crime.
  • Corporate security guards. Security guards that are trained to handle situations in a corporate setting are best for those types of businesses. They are skilled in handling office-like scenarios.


Regardless of the industry you are in; every business can benefit from having professional security guards on the premise. Although the main reason to hire security guards is to protect your employees, customers, and other visitors, there are other good reasons to have professional security guards at your business. It’s important to keep in mind that different types of security guards can help you with your security strategy. From handling emergencies to loss- prevention to extra customer support help, having security guards on the site can make things run even smoother at your business.

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