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on 20 September 2021

Back to School: 15 Ways Campus Security Can Help Students

Ways campus security can help students

It’s every parent’s dream to see their kids go off to college or university to pursue their higher education. However, one of the major concerns that every parent has is campus safety. The good news is that every college and university has campus security in place. Some even hire a public security company in Vancouver for bigger events with large numbers of people.

Since campuses are filled with young people and faculty members participating in multiple activities that require security guard protection, campus security provides a variety of services in any given week. Let’s take a look at fifteen ways campus security can help protect students in colleges and universities.

1. Break up violent incidents

In high school, an after-school brawl might occur between two students, and this kind of behaviour spills over on college campuses. Many fights occur on campus when tempers flare and people are provoked by disagreements and get into a heated argument. Luckily, when verbal altercations turn into violent incidents, campus security can be paged to break up the fight, way before the police arrive.

2. Protect students off-hours

There are plenty of evening classes that end late and many students live off-campus and don’t drive to school. In order to catch public transit, many students have to walk through not so well-lit areas on campus and this could make some students nervous about walking alone at night. By calling campus security off-hours, many security guards work in pairs and walk students safely to the bus stop or off-campus housing.

3. Break up parties

Campus parties happen all the time and sometimes when alcohol is involved, some parties can get out of hand. While there is nothing wrong with having fun socializing at a party, sometimes they can run late into the mornings and cause a disturbance for the other students who are trying to sleep. When students have had enough of the noise, they can call campus security to ask them to break up the party and tell everyone to go home or head back to their dormitory.

4.Escort unwanted visitors off-campus

Every day, there are thousands of students and faculty members attending college campuses and sometimes unruly visitors show up to harass a student, professor or employee. You’d be surprised at how many ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends show up on campus to try to win back the attention of their love interest. However, many students consider this unwanted campus visit as stalking. In this case, they can call campus security to escort this unwanted visitor off-campus.

5. Accompany special needs students and faculty members

Some students and faculty members might have special needs or are disabled and require some assistance getting into their car or getting around campus where accessibility might be limited. In this case, campus security guards are assigned to the specific individual to safely assist them to get from point A to point B.

6. Monitor student events

From frosh week to commencement, colleges and universities host a variety of student events in any given academic year that brings in large numbers of people for one event. Naturally, when there are a lot of people on campus participating in an event, a team of security guards is assigned to monitor the event to ensure it starts and ends smoothly without incident.

7. Watch discrete areas on campus

Peer pressure to engage in alcohol consumption and illegal drug use increases in college and university and many students find little discrete spots on campus to partake in these activities. Therefore, it’s important that campus security patrol these areas to ensure students aren’t getting intoxicated, giving parents and faculty peace of mind.

8. Fire protection

With multiple faculty buildings and dormitories on campus, there is always the chance of an accidental fire breaking out. If this happens, the whole campus needs to be evacuated safely. Campus security guards are trained in the event of a fire to evacuate people safely to areas of the campus where they can avoid injuries.

9. Makes sure first responders are ready

In cases where someone gets injured or suffers from a medical emergency on campus, having campus security guards on the spot means they can help right away before first responders arrive on the scene which means faster treatment and usually a better outcome. The benefit of having security guards on the scene is they can work with law enforcement and the paramedics to resolve any problems in a timely manner.

10. Manages student protests

College campuses welcome students from all over the world and this produces a diverse student body. This is why it’s important when student protests occur that any tension or conflicts that arise do not escalate into violence. The presence of campus security guards helps to promote a safe environment for students to speak their minds about the causes they support.

11. Parking control

Many students who don’t live on campus commute to school by car and parking lots get filled up quickly. This congestion during peak hours can leave students without a place to park, so they end up driving around aimlessly looking for a parking spot. Having campus security guards direct traffic to available parking lots helps students get to class on time.

12. Crowd control at sporting events

All college campuses host sporting events where the student body and visitors can cheer on their favourite team. Whenever there are large crowds in a venue, foot traffic increases and having campus security guards direct people to the entrances and exits keeps the flow of traffic moving.

13. Visitor management

When parents, external contractors or students from other campuses come to work or visit a specific college campus, it’s important to sign in at the campus security office to validate the purpose of the visit. This is especially important if the individual is disabled and has special requirements.

14. Dormitory security

Campus security guards who are assigned to watch over dormitories patrol the premises to prevent unauthorized visitors from coming in and committing theft. Besides preventing crime, campus security guards can assist with locating missing students who do not return to their dorms.

15. Protect faculty buildings

Many faculty buildings store ancient artifacts, artwork and computers that may attract thieves. Having security guards on campus patrolling and watching the surveillance cameras during off-hours protects these valuable items that need to be sealed off from the public.

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