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on 7 May 2019

A Brief Guide to Choosing Your Business Security System

A Brief Guide to Choosing Your Business Security System

Commercial businesses are a prime target for theft, especially in the retail market. It is estimated that Canadian businesses lose more than $5 billion annually to theft, which puts a significant dent in their profits. To combat this, many businesses in the retail and commercial sectors are opting for business security systems to help minimize theft and prevent these losses from compromising their business.

However, with so many systems and security features available, it can be difficult to understand exactly what your business needs and what kinds of security measures you should invest in for your business. Here are some things to consider when researching security systems for your office or retail business:

1. On-site security needs

Two of the most crucial factors in determining your on-site security needs are the size and location of your business. Are you located in a busy retail outlet? Is your office part of a larger building of offices? Do you operate from an industrial location with a number of dispersed buildings? These questions will help you narrow down what kinds of features you need. From on-site security guards to prevent theft to access control systems to ensure only employees and approved guests are allowed entry, the size and location of your business will dictate what kinds of security you need.

2. Digital security needs

Not only is your physical business at risk of theft and damage but your digital information can also be compromised. Digital security refers to the protection you have on your company computers and electronic devices to prevent hackers and other digital-savvy individuals from compromising your online information. From employee files to confidential corporate information, it is crucial that you protect this data.

3. Insurance coverage

For theft, vandalism, and other damages, it is important that you have insurance for your business. In the event that you do suffer losses, insurance will help you replace the stolen or damaged property without paying out-of-pocket. Not only that, but increasing the security presence in your office or retail location can even reduce your insurance premiums, as you are better protected than without these security measures. Make sure you understand your coverage and your business’s vulnerabilities so you can protect yourself and your business with the necessary security measures.

Now that you have an idea of the questions to ask when choosing a business security system, here is a breakdown of some of the relevant security features available for offices and businesses:

4. Video monitoring

Businesses large and small can take advantage of video monitoring to reduce theft, prevent trespassing and vandalism, and keep an eye on the safety of their employees and customers. For retail outlets, having multiple video cameras in the store can help deter theft while also catching criminals in the act, giving you the evidence you need to pursue legal options. For offices and commercial businesses, video cameras can help monitor the perimeter of your building to ensure unsavoury individuals do not enter the premises. Motion-sensor cameras are also available, which can be placed in vulnerable areas and triggered if someone tries to enter your store or office.

5. Access control

To ensure only approved individuals have access to your office or retail outlet, access control systems make it difficult to enter the building without the proper credentials. From coded entry to key-cards, access control systems will help protect your staff, clients, and vendors from the possibility of criminals or violent individuals entering your place of work.

6. Smart locks and alarms

For an added barrier to entry, you can also install Smart Locks and alarm systems that will be triggered when someone tries to enter your office or store while the door is locked. Smart Locks can use a coded entry, which will also disarm the alarm, or they can be locked and unlocked from the convenience of your cell phone or mobile device through the security app.

This way, you can lock and unlock your doors from your phone for unmatched convenience and added security protection. The added alarms are likely to scare anyone trying to enter the premises, and the direct call to 911 will ensure emergency responders show up to your location as fast as possible.

7. Interactive and integrated systems

One of the most valuable features of these business security systems is integrated technology. From video monitoring to unlocking your doors, all of these tasks can be controlled from the interactive app on any standard Smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This allows you to adjust and view the feeds from your video cameras at any time, giving you the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your business is secure and protected. Not only can you unlock doors and disarm the alarm, but you can also customize your security features to meet your individual needs. Beyond your security measures, you can combine this interactive system with the climate control and lighting of your business, allowing you to control your energy usage form your mobile device. This gives you ultimate control over the comfort and safety of your business at all times.

8. Security guards and mobile units

For retail businesses who suffer from significant theft or for large offices looking to bolster their security presence, security guards and mobile units are available to patrol your business. Often, simply having security guards in your store or office will help deter criminals and violent offenders, which can help keep your employees and customers safe. Mobile units are also available to patrol larger industrial locations, so you can rest knowing that your business is protected even when you are unable to monitor it.

9. Fire detection

For added safety, your business security alarms can be connected to the fire alarm system, helping detect smoke and fires. This will give your staff and clients more warning in the event of a fire, and it will ensure first-responders are on the scene as fast as possible.

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