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on 5 April 2022

Concierge Vs Security Guards: What’s The Difference?

Concierge Vs Security Guards

There is a big difference between Concierge Security and Security Guards. Concierge Security is there to provide a high level of customer service, while Security Guards are there to protect your property and assets. If you are looking for someone to provide customer service, you should choose Concierge Security. If you are looking for someone to protect your property, you should choose Security Guards.

The concept of a concierge has been growing in popularity in recent years, with many hotels and resorts providing this service to their visitors.

Concierges, who are commonly found at hotels, are often thought of as personal assistants for travellers. They provide information about the hotel they are visiting, book excursions or activities for them, and even deliver gifts to their room when asked.

On the other hand, the traditional security guard is more concerned with safeguarding property than being in one spot. Unless there’s a problem that needs fixing, such as an overstayer or a hotel policy infraction, they don’t usually have direct contact with guests.

Job Descriptions: Concierge Vs Security Guards

Job Description For Security Guards

A security guard’s responsibilities depend on the type of business they are guarding, but there are some primary duties that every security guard will be required to complete.

To safeguard against any potential future threats, Security Guards must keep a lookout and be on the lookout for anything suspicious. These include patrolling the location to ensure that everything is in order, checking IDs at several locations throughout the night where it may be necessary, and notifying a superior about any questionable activity.

Security guards may be assigned to several locations on a property, each of which might have its own set of specific duties. Some facilities may employ a larger team of security personnel who operate in teams or pairs, with each individual guard responsible for a certain portion of the facility they have been assigned to.

Concierge Security Job Description

Concierges are the lifeblood of every hotel they operate in, and it is mostly due to their excellent interpersonal skills.

It’s critical for a concierge to have an outgoing personality and enjoy talking to large groups of strangers since this will be one of their key duties.

The responsibilities of a concierge can vary depending on the hotel’s services, but they will usually be expected to provide information about the property and the area, arrange or book reservations for guests (such as tours or excursions), and even give non-emergency medical assistance if required.

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Concierge Duties

Concierge Security Guard Duties

While security guards and concierges may appear to be two distinct jobs, there are significant overlaps between the two. Both must be able to handle customer service tasks like responding to inquiries and providing information.

The distinction is that one focuses on safeguarding the property, while the other interacts with individuals. A security guard, on the other hand, can function as a concierge as well.

The concierge security team may be expected to give information to visitors and help them with any concerns they may have when major gatherings, such as conventions or conferences, are hosted at the facility.

Pay Rates Of Concierges Security Guards and Security Guards

There is a significant difference in the salaries for concierge vs security guards when considering their pay scales.

A security guard in a big city will usually make around $12 or $13 per hour, while those who live in rural areas may get as little as $10 per hour. On the other hand, a concierge is compensated considerably more and receives salaries of about $20 per hour.

Can A Security Guard Also Act As A Concierge?

A security guard can be a concierge, but a concierge cannot undertake security guard responsibilities. A security guard is in charge of securing assets, checking the area for dangers, and reporting any suspicious behavior.

On the other hand, a concierge generally works with visitors and gives information about the facility and its surroundings, makes reservations or bookings for guests, and even helps them in non-emergency medical situations if required.

However, if a hotel hosts an event like a convention or conference, it may experience an influx of visitors.

During this period, the concierge may rely on the security staff to assist with checking in new guests and providing them with information about their stay.

Summary: Concierge vs Security Guards

When it comes to responsibilities, both a concierge and a security guard perform many of the same tasks.

When large gatherings, such as conventions or conferences, are held at hotels, both jobs will be required to collaborate in each other’s responsibilities, providing several unique chances for those interested in pursuing either career.

The primary distinction between the two is that a security guard patrols an area and reports any suspicious activities to higher-ups, whereas a concierge spends most of his time dealing with visitors and providing information about hotel policies and local areas.