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on 20 April 2022

Eight Benefits of Hiring a Security Company in Edmonton

Eight Benefits of Hiring a Security Company

Hiring a Security Company in Edmonton, AB

Businesses are vulnerable to all kinds of risks, including financial, technological, social, political, natural, and so on. While some risks are difficult to prevent, and can only be insured against to manage the effects, there are some that can be successfully mitigated to some extent, like the security of your company.

Hiring or contracting security company in Edmonton is important to ensure the safety and security of your employees and property, and to protect your business from risks associated with fire, robbery, terrorism, and other security threats.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a security company in Edmonton, AB:

Round the Clock Security

Hiring or contracting a security services provider allows you to enjoy 24/7 protection, or as requested, irrespective of your typical operational hours. So, whether your facility operates day and night or your business runs from morning to evening, your security company in Edmonton will continue to provide the requested services for optimal protection. They will even work during weekends and holidays, so your employees, facilities, and valuables are secured at all times.

Comprehensive Security Services Edmonton

Outsourced security companies in Edmonton typically have a huge inventory of security systems and equipment that they provide to their customers, in addition to having security guards. The services usually include but are not limited to alarm systems, fire alarm monitoring, video surveillance, security guards, and so on. A well-integrated security system is beneficial in responding to emergency situations, as well as providing recorded evidence of incidents.

Moreover, customers get to enjoy the wide range of professional security services and advanced equipment at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the technology, upgrading it, and training personnel.


For security companies, protecting people, property, and valuables is the core of their business. As such, all their efforts and budget go towards enhancing their security operations. They not only stay updated on the newest security technologies on the market, but also use a rigorous process of hiring their employees that includes background checks.

The security officers are also trained, equipped, and uniformed or un-uniformed depending on your specific requirements, to assist with professional access control, dispute resolution, quality control checks, First Aid emergency response, and more as needed.

Moreover, the security officers, their supervisors, and managers usually have years of experience with diversified security backgrounds; plus, you can consult with them to obtain the most cost-effective security solutions for your unique needs.

Immediate Emergency Response

Many security companies in Edmonton offer alarm monitoring services to automatically initiate emergency procedures as soon as a threat has been identified, such as a fire or unauthorized access. Moreover, their on-site officers have a wide range of skills to effectively respond to most threats without waiting for directions.

Most of them have training in handling emergency situations such as fires, and can quickly take appropriate action such as alerting all occupants of the threat and ensuring safe evacuation procedures from the building. They are also trained to handle different emergency situations, including providing First Aid and CPR to save lives.

Flexible Scalability

Security companies in Edmonton have easier access to more security equipment and trained guards in case you need to meet temporary additional requirements, like during functions, VIP events, or short-term security threats. The flexibility and convenience that security companies offer in such situations cannot be compared to the hassle and added costs you would incur to recruit, train, equip, and uniform new security guards.

Outsourcing your security needs also eliminates the risk of having to divert some of your untrained, non-security staff to assist in security matters, which may impact your normal business operations and security.

Consistency in Performance

Like any other occupation, security officers may need to skip work days due to personal emergency situations or choose to leave the job for better opportunities. In any of these cases, you will likely be left with a gap in your overall security. Working with a security company in Edmonton ensures that you have the right number of trained security guards at all times. They can easily replace officers as the need arises.

Security companies can also reshuffle their security officers to avoid cases of too much familiarity with your employees and other stakeholders as well as maintaining optimal performance. The security company will also be responsible for ensuring that any new hires are brought up to speed on your company’s procedures and operations, so you don’t have to dedicate any of your own resources towards recruiting or training.

Spreading Risk and Liability

If you choose to hire your own in-house security personnel to monitor access points and conduct video surveillance, you will assume the responsibility for the security personnel selection, training, and actions or inactions during emergencies and other security incidents. On the other hand, outsourcing your security needs to a reputable security company in Edmonton parlays a fraction of your liability and protection to them.

In addition, working with a professional security company significantly reduces the risks that you’re exposed to, which may in turn translate to fewer potential claims and lower insurance premiums for your company. In some cases, the insurance cost savings from working with a security company and shifting some of the liability to them can offset the cost of outsourced security.

Greater Accountability

Contracted security companies are accountable to the terms of their contract. And while security officers are answerable to their employer (the security company management), they are also expected to report to the managers in charge of security on the client’s side.

They should provide guard post orders, logs, actions, and incident reports that are examined by both you (the client) and the security company (their employer), resulting in better overall security services.

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Final Note

Keep in mind that inadequate or inappropriate security arrangements can be just as harmful to your company’s safety as having no security. To successfully prevent and mitigate any security risks to your company, you need to find the right security company in Edmonton that is competent and accountable.

Indeed, the challenge is finding the appropriate and properly run security company in Edmonton to partner with. The suitability of a provider should be based on the types and likelihood of risks that your company may face, so they can come up with an appropriate custom-made plan to improve your overall security. Only then can you trust your company’s security provider to select, train, and supervise your hired security team according to your specific needs and threats, for optimal safety and security for your employees, facilities, and stakeholders.

For more information on the benefits of hiring a security company or to request a free quote, contact Optimum Security at our website.