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on 15 March 2017

Four Tips To Increase Security At Your Retail Store

Four Tips To Increase Security At Your Retail Store

Operating a retail store can come with security concerns. For many store owners, it can be hard to spot shoplifters and keep their merchandise and employees safe. If you’re looking to increase security at your retail store, here are four tips to try that will make your location safe:

  1. Train your employees on what to look for: People who steal have devious methods to do so. But, if your employees don’t know what to look for, they can’t stop thieves. For example, a common method is for one perpetrator to distract the sales staff while another steals stock undetected. Moreover, train your staff on how to watch for false returns, price switching, concealed merchandise (hidden in clothing, purses, strollers or umbrellas) and the “snatch and grab” (where someone picks up an item and runs out of the store with it as fast as they can).

  2. Keep stockrooms and break rooms locked: Most retail store locations — even those in shopping malls — have stockrooms or break rooms where merchandise is stored along with a safe. If possible, keep these doors locked and secure them with a keypad so that your employees will have to enter a code every time they come and go. Also, only give the combination to the safe to managers. Or, if you are in the store every day, only you should be operating the safe.

  3. Do not count money out in the open: Deposits have to be made, cashiers have to count out at the end of their shift — these are all daily occurrences at retail stores. However, ensure that your staff does not count their tills out in the open and that any money that is going to be deposited is counted in the break/stockroom. Furthermore, when money needs to go to the bank, if you cannot take it yourself to be deposited, send your employees with a security guard.

  4. Hire a security guard: Hiring a security guard (or guards) to protect your retail store is probably the most effective measure you can take. Security guards are trained to provide an added level of protection to whatever area they’re assigned to — in this case, your retail store. Unlike an alarm system, security guards can respond to danger in real-time and catch shoplifters red-handed. They can also keep your employees safe and keep a watchful eye on your merchandise.

Keeping your staff and merchandise safe cannot be done alone. Depending on the size of your retail store, it may be beneficial to have one or more security guards posted at the entrance and around the store. Contact us for more information.