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on 3 August 2022

How Mobile Patrol Security Can Help Your Business’ Bottom Line

How mobile patrol security can help your business’ bottom line

What is mobile patrol security? 

If you own a business, one of your top priorities should be ensuring that it is always safe and secure. After all, dealing with break-ins or vandalism can be both costly and time-consuming. 

Installing some security cameras, motion detectors, or alarms on your business’ premises is a good start. However, depending on the size and scale of your business, that may not be enough to keep your business adequately protected. If you want your business, and any valuable assets stored within it to remain fully protected, you should look into mobile patrol security. 

Whether you have a store, an office building, a shopping mall, or a warehouse that needs to be secured, mobile patrol security services can help with that. Mobile patrol security involves the use of marked security vehicles to ensure that neither thieves nor vandals get away with crimes on your business’ property. 

These security vehicles will regularly patrol the area around your business. Mobile patrol security officers will also inspect the building premises and fence perimeters as well as all doors and windows on a 24/7 basis, so any suspicious activity can be detected immediately. 

What are the benefits of mobile patrol security? 

1. More than just a reactionary measure.

Mobile patrol security is one of the best ways to ensure any criminals trying to vandalize or break into your business are promptly caught and dealt with appropriately. However, beyond this, having remote patrol security is also a great way to deter criminals from attempting these crimes on your property in the first place. 

Since mobile patrol security vehicles are clearly marked as such, and they frequently circle the area around your business, any nearby criminals will certainly notice their presence. Mobile patrol security officers also conduct regular checks, walking on and around your business’ premises. 

If criminals are aware that your business has such high-intensity security measures in place, they will likely avoid taking any risks. Since crimes will be prevented from taking place, you will never have to worry about taking reactionary measures. 

2. A wide array of services.

Although the patrolling services offered by security guards and their vehicles are the main function of a mobile patrol security company, there are typically other services provided as well. If you would like to have the interior of your business’s building inspected regularly during certain hours of the day in addition to the building’s exterior checks, this is usually possible. 

If your business has a parking lot, a mobile patrol security team can secure that area too. Another area of their service also involves alarm response units. These units can respond immediately in the event that an alarm on your business’ premises is triggered. They can also take further action depending on the cause of the alarm and the situation that unfolds once they arrive on the scene. 

Finally, mobile patrol security officers can lock or unlock your business’ door or gates on a scheduled basis or whenever they are instructed to do so as long as you provide them with keys. That could save you from the necessary time and hassle it would take for you to do that yourself in situations when you may be busy or unavailable. 

3. A cost-effective solution.

Hiring a mobile patrol security unit is typically much more cost-effective than hiring a full-time on-site security guard. When you hire mobile patrol security services you often have options regarding the scope of the services you would like. Therefore, you can choose to either scale up or scale down the security unit according to your budget. 

As mentioned earlier, having mobile patrol security services at your disposal will also help reduce your losses and liabilities. Since you will not have to worry about things being stolen or damaged, you will be free from having to pay for repairs or a lawsuit settlement. 

Why Optimum Security Is the Best Choice for Your Mobile Patrol Security Needs

If you are looking for reliable mobile patrol security services from a Canadian security company, Optimum Security can take care of all your needs. Whether your business is located in a more residential area or a commercial zone, our highly trained patrol officers can patrol the area around your property and conduct premises inspections as frequently as you would like. 

Our officers are all very reliable and vigilant and can respond to any security disturbances 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our units’ response times are among the best in the industry and our call center makes it easy to get a hold of us whenever necessary. 

We can cater our services to your exact needs, so whether you are more comfortable with highly frequent checks or you want your business patrolled on a semi-regular basis, we can adjust our routine accordingly. Our security teams will also go out of their way to take preventative security measures to protect your business. 

All of our officers are trained to lock unsecured doors and windows and prevent potential property damage by regularly checking for fire and flood hazards. We also offer parking lot security and locking and unlocking services as well as alarm response units to ensure that all aspects of your security needs are taken care of. 

Since we value our clients’ confidence in our services, we give all clients the option to receive detailed emails outlining our patrolling times as well as information regarding the length of time our officers remained at your business’ premises. All of our patrol vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking to verify these details. That way you can rest assured that you are getting the quality security services you are paying for. 

For more information about the mobile patrol security services that we offer, or to request a quote, call Optimum Security at 604-644-9229 (in British Columbia), 780-995-9229 (in Alberta), or 416-628-3393 (in Ontario), or contact us by email at