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on 1 May 2020

Secure Your Vancouver Home With a Custom CCTV Security System

Secure Your Vancouver Home With a Custom CCTV Security System

They say home is where the heart is. Home is where you come after a hard day at work to feel safe and relax with loved ones. It’s where you look forward to returning to after a long trip or even a short weekend away.

It’s also where everything and everyone you want to protect is. While all homes have the most basic deterrents installed — such as locks on windows and doors — you can do so much more to protect your home and your loved ones.

An excellent place to start is a custom CCTV security system, which you can use as a base to start building a comprehensive security system or to enhance an existing one.

What is a CCTV security system?

CCTV is short for closed-circuit television. A CCTV system is a set of video cameras that transmit signals to a monitor.

They are used practically everywhere in public, from amusement parks to your local corner store. They serve several purposes:

  • They help companies keep an eye on their clients and to assist quickly if any negative situation arises
  • They can provide valuable assistance to a company and to the police if a crime happens when no one is on-site
  • They can act as a deterrent, preventing crimes such as vandalism from happening in the first place
  • They can monitor traffic patterns and provide information if an accident occurs or there is congestion on a highway
  • They can be used during sporting events so fans can see the action even if they are not in their seats

While CCTV systems were used exclusively by large companies or governments, they are now frequently being used by homeowners to help protect their loved ones and their property. They are becoming so popular that some areas are even considering offering a tax credit for them!

What kind of benefits can a CCTV security system offer me?

There are several benefits that having a CCTV system outside your Vancouver home can give you.

They provide instant alerts when trouble occurs, which helps ensure that crimes against people, theft, and vandalism are substantially reduced.

Your insurance company may offer you lower premiums after you install one. You can use the recordings from them as proof to your insurance company of how an event occurred, whether man-made — such as a break-in — or natural, like a tree falling on your property or flooding.

The recordings they take can be used by the police to help identify a criminal who, for example, tries to break into your home or steals packages of your porch — an all too common crime these days! CCTV recordings can provide valuable evidence improving the likelihood of a conviction.

You can easily keep an eye on areas of your property that you may not be able to see from your house. A camera over the front door also lets you quickly see who is there, and decide if you want to answer the door or not.

If you are away, a CCTV security system can give you peace of mind, as you can access footage from your cameras via your smartphone at any time. This means you don’t have to be at home to know what is going on.

They are an immediate deterrent to burglars. The first thing a burglar looks for is a home that will be an easy target. They will avoid robbing a home with a CCTV security system as they will not want to be identified in the act!

A Home CCTV System — The Right Choice For Your Peace of Mind

You’ve now learned about all of the great things about having a CCTV system in your home:

  • Protection for your home and family
  • Decreased insurance rates
  • An excellent deterrent to crime AND an increased likelihood of a conviction if a crime does occur
  • The ability to monitor your home when you’re not there, so you can go on vacation and truly relax
  • Safety and security for you and your loved ones

You’ve worked hard to have your home and to take care of your loved ones, so you keep them safe with a video home security system.

To learn more about how to secure your home with a CCTV security system, call Optimum Security at 604-644-9229 or contact us here.