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on 3 April 2020

Smart Home Technology That Can Help Protect Your Home

Smart Home Technology That Can Help Protect Your Home

Your home should be a safe haven for you and your loved ones. You should never feel like your information or belongings are compromised, or that you and your family are living in danger. With technology only improving over the years, it’s never been easier to protect your home with the latest smart technology that you can depend on for security.

At Optimum Security, we are Vancouver’s number one security company specializing in both residential and commercial alarm monitoring and security for your benefit. We pride ourselves on being the security company you can trust. Here are some helpful systems that you can add to your home today to ensure that you are being protected as much as possible:

Security Alarms

Security alarms are part of your basic home safety systems. They alert you and the local police when an intruder is in your vicinity. They can be easily triggered by forced entry or the opening of windows or sliding doors, and can usually be disabled by a numerical passcode. Having these systems in place is important because an unwanted intruder is a violating and scary experience, even if it does end up just being a false alarm.

Currently, security alarms can come equipped with silent alarms, motion sensors, and more that can be connected to your smartphone. It’s a bonus if the system comes with a speaker where you can communicate with the intruder to let them know they’ve been caught. In essence, the better and more advanced your security alarm, the easier it is to scare away the intruder or have them bypass your home altogether.

Security Cameras

Having security cameras around your home can be a major deterrent for burglars and thieves. The benefit of security cameras is that they capture all activity digitally so you can visually see the intruder and even take note of suspicious activity around your home that you otherwise would’ve been oblivious to.

For example, someone close to home can be snooping around your property when you’re not there or stealing items that go unnoticed. If you plan on going away for summer vacation, local thieves or untrustworthy neighbours may notice and decide to target your home.

With improvements in technology, security cameras are better than ever. They can include facial recognition software that can detect individual features and be weatherproof so that you need not worry about coarse weather conditions. Ultimately, security cameras should be implemented in every home or business to not only deter theft but ensure no criminal activity is occurring on the premises.

GPS Trackers

It’s one thing to protect your home, but what about the people and things inside of it? GPS trackers can be attached to laptops, cars, electronics, and even people. They can’t be disabled by thieves and can be an aid in locating lost or stolen items. The most advanced GPS trackers can alert the owner when their object is going in an odd direction or moving to someplace that it shouldn’t be. This way, you can get a head-start in contacting the police if needed, and also determining why the object is moving suspiciously.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It doesn’t take long for a fire to spread or for carbon monoxide to be a danger to you and your loved ones. In these instances, your devices need to work fast so that you can spot a problem and address the issue or contact the authorities. These detectors can be connected to your smartphone so that if there is an issue while you’re away, you will be notified. Some devices can pinpoint the exact room or area that poses a danger so that you can address the problem as soon as possible and get your family out of danger quickly.

Water Sensors

Leaks can be a big problem when not addressed right away or left alone. They can run up your water bill significantly and damage your property and belongings, costing you greatly. It’s a good idea to have a water sensor or leak detector at home so that you will be notified if a leak ever occurs. Some sensors can even turn off the water supply automatically when a leak is detected so that potential problems are negated, and you can fix the issue when you get home. After all, a leak can be a nuisance but don’t allow it to turn into an even bigger problem.

While anything can happen, it’s best always to be prepared for the worst. Peace of mind is one of the main advantages you can get from preparing your home with these security and safety devices. Keeping yourself and your loved ones protected is invaluable. For more information on smart home technology and security and monitoring systems, please contact Optimum Security here. Safety is our top priority, and our team is more than happy to assist you with your security needs.