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on 15 November 2019

Why Your Business Should Have Concierge Security Services

Why Your Business Should Have Concierge Security Services

When hiring security services, the primary objective of any business is to enhance safety. But you should also consider the additional benefits that concierge security services can offer.

Security should be at the top of every business’ priority list to ensure the success of their operations. It is, therefore, important to ensure that it’s done right, and even with a certain degree of finesse if you’re looking to stand out from your competition.

Concierge services are typically associated with hotels. But office and apartment buildings can gain a lot more by hiring concierge security agents to keep watch over the movement of building occupants while safeguarding property. Your apartment or office building is in good hands in the presence of highly trained and skilled concierge security agents.

These agents perform a wide range of duties, including:

  • Greeting, directing, and checking in visitors.
  • Monitoring operational procedures.
  • Enforcing access control, so only authorized personnel enter the building.
  • Checking packages and bags as needed.
  • Maintaining surveillance of assigned areas.
  • Providing customer service for residents, guests, and/or visitors.
  • Responding to calls for assistance and investigating suspicious situations.
  • Personal safety escorting.
  • Process serving.
  • Custodial transfers.
  • Protecting the property from all kinds of threats, including fire, theft, and accidents.
  • Writing accident and incident reports for any safety hazards or suspicious activities.

Concierge security services provide the ideal solution for companies looking for a more casual but effective security service that adds more value to clients.

Here are some noteworthy benefits:

A Sophisticated Welcome Presence

For industries that work with a certain type of clientele, it’s important to portray a sense of sophistication, even in their security measures. Concierge security guards give your premises a touch of expertise, professionalism, and experience, all at once, giving you the perfect mix of safety and hospitality.

Besides simply manning your office premises and fulfilling a security role, concierge security professionals are versatile and obliging, meeting your clients at the door, managing your car parks, and supporting the switchboard. With diverse training as both security and concierge personnel, they are capable of handling enquiries at the reception or front desk, tackling safety and health issues that arise at work, administering first aid, and much more. Their unique skills add versatility and value to your team since they can perform a range of duties.

Boast a Diverse Set of Vital Skills

Concierge or front desk security professionals handle multiple tasks simultaneously, including monitoring access control over a large area. This requires the ability to multitask and work efficiently in order to perform various roles. In their role as access control guards, concierge professionals often take the brunt of abuse from unwelcome or arrogant visitors. They require a lot of patience to peacefully enforce the rules of who can and cannot access the building, which is often associated with ill feelings, potentially harmful behaviour, and even retaliation by persons who’re denied entry.

Concierge personnel are fully trained to handle all kinds of threats to your premises so that your employees, residents, and visitors/guests feel safe and secure at all times. To efficiently perform their roles, they usually work in teams to handle different tasks like roving patrols, static post personnel, pedestrian and traffic support, and special event management, among others.

More Qualified Employees On-Site

Getting highly qualified and efficient employees are the objective of every business, but it can be an expensive endeavour. With concierge security guards, you will be adding a team of professionals who are not only highly trained and experienced in security matters, but also have customer service and management skills to handle any situations that may threaten the performance of other employees. The addition of employees with a diverse set of skills boosts the overall ability and potential of your workforce, resulting in fewer errors and superior client experience.

Generally, visitors, guests, and residents find concierge security guards more approachable for a casual and appealing sense of security, as opposed to the tough exterior that is typical of security guards. Moreover, their pleasant attitude and demeanour can give your employees a sense of peace and calm in knowing that they have professional security, which can have a huge effect on their efficiency and productivity.

Provide a Seamless Fit

Depending on the kind of premises and the primary role of concierge guards, the security presence can be either highly visible or relatively unobtrusive. You can choose to have your concierge security guards outfitted in a typical guard uniform or a suit and tie, though this does not alter their duties. For some businesses, it might be best that the visitor/guest’s first impression was not of an imposing person receiving them at the front desk. Alternatively, you may want to send a message to all your residents and visitors that you take security very seriously, in which case they need to dress in formal officer attire.

Concierge security companies recruit their staff from a wide variety of backgrounds to provide customer-facing experience, tact, and friendliness, in addition to all the essential skills of a concierge security guard, so they can easily adjust to meet your unique needs.

Concierge security guards can be posted in many places, including:

  • Retail, malls, and mixed-use properties
  • Tourist attractions
  • Cultural destinations
  • Medical complexes
  • Gated residential communities
  • Government buildings
  • Parking garages
  • Religious institutions

So, if you find that having a static security guard is intimidating for your guests, and perhaps creates a feeling of danger, then concierge services might be an ideal solution for providing a friendly face while ensuring safety.

Final Note: Get Custom Concierge Security Services

Part of the appeal of concierge security solutions is that they can be tailor-made to suit your unique requirements. They not only take you beyond common preconceptions about security but also aim to match their profile to the specific needs of your organization.

Whether this is a brand new assignment or you’re looking to expand your existing security arrangements, your concierge security solutions and services will be designed to create a positive reflection on your organization. From the start, you will have a single dedicated operations manager as your point of contact for the security personnel assigned to your contract. This translates to a faster response to new threat areas that need more security and management of any issues for an overall pleasant experience.

For more information about how concierge services can help your business, contact Optimum Security at 416-900-1277 or here via our contact page.