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Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Career as A Security Guard

If you have been looking for an exciting career where you can use your keen sense of observation, people skills and appreciation for law and order, a Security Guard could be the perfect solution. Security Guards protect employers, their assets and the team, as well as the public. They guard against violations of the law and disturbances that could result in a loss to the client, but also play a key role in public safety. Security Guard positions can be found across a highly diverse selection of sectors and industries, with opportunities for advancement based on your role and the type of position you hold. Here’s everything you need to know about getting started as a Security Guard.

What is a Private Security Guard?

If you are interested in varying your duties, an excellent opportunity lies in the role of a Private Security Guard. In this role, you can seek employment with a security company that provides highly trained Security Guards who are required to pass training programs before being assigned to assist at particular events or sites. In this role, you are tasked with on-site surveillance and mobile patrols to keep order. Assignments can vary, or in some cases, you can be permanently assigned to one specific client on behalf of the security company.


What Services Do Security Guards Provide?

Security guards can be hired to provide a number of services, whether directly employed by a company or assigned a job by a security company. Services can include, but are not limited to:

There really is no limit to the opportunities and type of services available.

What Tasks are Performed by Security Guards?

The tasks performed by security guards are based on the needs of their employer. However, some of the most common tasks might include:

  • Guarding and monitoring the premises to prevent losses, theft, property destruction, violence or rules and safety violations
  • Performing fire prevention, safety and maintenance tasks
  • Parking and/or traffic enforcement
  • Checking, screening and greeting incoming guests and tenants, providing information regarding the site and surrounding area as requested by visitors
  • Responding to alarms, emergencies and restricting trespassing
  • Periodically patrolling a property to check for irregularities, inspect protection devices and fire control equipment
  • Protecting a company’s property and staff by maintaining a safe and secure environment
  • Checking, inspecting and determining that gates, main/rear doors, windows, gardens are secure
  • Inspecting and verifying all equipment and machinery are operating properly
  • Authorizing entry to the premises for visitors with permits
  • Monitoring and reporting if rules or violations are broken, such as loitering and smoking at the workplace
  • Ensuring employees do not carry in/out any forbidden articles or items
  • Ensuring strict adherence to corporate security laws and regulations based on the specific guidelines of the employer

These duties can be performed at any number of sites, from luxury condos and hotels to factories and from construction sites and high-end retailers to townhouse complexes.

What Kind of Training Do Security Guards Undergo?

Depending on specialties and custom requirements per industry, most Security Guards are required to undertake the following training:

  • Comprehensive orientation including First Aid, CPR and WHMIS
  • Customer service education to meet employers needs and expectations
  • Concierge training to reinforce professionalism with real-world experience, focusing on excellent service delivery
  • On-site training to understand site policies, procedures and access control

You can gain many new skills that can be applied not only to your role as a Security Guard but also can be used if you choose to pursue other career opportunities.

How Does a Security Guard Get Their License?

There are usually three basic steps involved in getting a Security Guard license:

  1. Training programs: You can attend colleges, universities and law enforcement schools as well as training programs to start your career as a security guard.
  2. The Security Guard Exam: There is a security guard exam administered by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services that you must pass before applying for your license.
  3. Apply for Your License: Once you pass the exam, you can apply for your license at the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. You will require:
    • A passport-quality photo of yourself
    • Proof you’ve completed security guard training
    • Two pieces of valid ID
    • A filled-out guarantor info form

How Much Do Security Guards Earn?

Security Guards earn a very respectable living ranging from $22,913 for entry levels positions and averaging as much as $40,950 per year for experienced Security Guards. On average, a Canadian Security Guard earns $29,250 per year or $15 per hour.

It also depends on your location, with average salaries in each province as follows:

  • Yukon $52,250
  • Newfoundland $35,919
  • Northwest Territories $33,638
  • Quebec $32,575
  • Saskatchewan $32,175
  • British Columbia $31,200
  • Alberta $31,200
  • Ontario $28,763
  • New Brunswick $27,300
  • Nova Scotia $23,400
  • Prince Edward Island $23,4000

Of course, your salary will also depend on your duties and industry.

Why Are Security Guards Hired?

There are many reasons security guards are required by companies, properties and even individuals, including:

  • Providing a sense of security for employers and customers
  • Reducing risk for security problems such as theft
  • Providing additional customer service and care
  • Helping with issues that create an unsafe environment
  • Assisting in emergencies such as crimes or fire
  • Adding more experience to the surveillance and control room

As you can see, Security Guards help employers mitigate risk, improve safety and offer protection from a wide variety of dangers and threats. It is an exciting and essential role with a wide range of opportunities available. Whether you are interested in protecting a company’s assets, working with people to help protect their homes or would like a more interactive role to assist as a concierge and customer service authority, Security Guards contribute much-needed services for both businesses and the community.

At Optimum Security, we offer hands-on security opportunities and training across a number of industries. Contact us today to learn more about joining our team of security professionals.

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