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How to Hire a Security Guard for Your Business

How to Hire a Security Guard

Almost everywhere you look, there are security guards protecting everything from banks to shopping centres and business properties. By hiring security guards for your business property, you add an extra layer of protection for your customers and employees.

Even if you don’t think your establishment needs security guards, having them protect your property during off-hours acts as a preventative measure against criminal activity. Let’s take a look in detail at how to hire security guards for your business.

Security Guards Protect Your Business

In the majority of companies and business properties, the demand for security guards has grown tremendously over the past few decades. The following are reasons why security guards play a major role in helping businesses:

  • With the increase of business properties popping up in neighbourhoods and cities, there is a need for more security guards to create safer workplaces and communities.
  • Security guards help protect and secure your business from criminals committing trespassing and thefts.
  • In the event of a fire, evacuation, or emergency situation, security guards have to be able to work under pressure, while following the procedures established during their training to ensure people evacuate as safely as possible and avoid getting injured.

How to Hire a Security Guard

When should you hire security guards?

Even if you don’t operate your own business and are wondering why you should hire security guards for your establishment, here are some further thoughts to consider when hiring security guards:

Private events and functions: Weddings, conferences, company parties, and annual galas are all examples of private events that could benefit from the presence of security guards.

VIPs and important people: Security guards are usually tasked with protecting high-risk individuals such as politicians, celebrities, athletes, and business professionals in public and private events.

Museums: Any event or establishment like a museum that carries valuable artwork or ancient artifacts from past centuries that are worth millions of dollars require security guards to protect them from theft or vandalism.

Business properties: Business properties, which include business centres with offices that have company employees and staff members, need security guards to protect expensive office equipment from being stolen, along with protecting the safety of the employees during business hours.

High crime rate areas: If your business is located in a neighbourhood or city where there is a high crime rate, then hiring security guards adds a layer of protection for your employees and ensures that during off hours your business property is being surveilled by security.

Checklist for Hiring Security Guards

When looking to employ security guards for your business, there are specific characteristics that you should look for. Here is a checklist of attributes that security guards should have when conducting the screening and interviewing process.


Security guards should have the following experience and qualifications:

  • Ability to speak with local authorities. Qualified security guards should be experienced with communicating with local police and law enforcement.
  • Have the advantage of experienced manpower on your business property.
  • Security guards can handle real-life security threats easily and in a professional manner.

Interpersonal Skills

Since being a security guard involves dealing with people in public areas, they require the following interpersonal skills:

  • Leadership. Security guards should be able to take control of a stressful situation and diffuse the incident with a preventive approach.
  • Active communication. Intense situations should be handled properly with active communication with each party involved in an incident.
  • Responsibility. Security guards are responsible for ensuring the utmost customer service satisfaction. They accept the responsibilities of being in charge of surveilling a property and protecting all individuals during their shift.


Being a security guard can be a physically demanding job, and individuals should exemplify the following attributes:

  • Security guards should be healthy and physically fit, as the job may require running or carrying heavy equipment or people in an evacuation.
  • The ability to focus and react quickly to intense situations.
  • Being able to defend themselves and the individuals at the premises where they are stationed should be the main priority.

Required Skill Set

Not everyone can be a security guard; individuals who are applying for a such a position require the following skill set:

  • Have the capacity to handle any security issue or breach in the premises.
  • Ability to work under pressure and handle intense situations.
  • Ability to protect people from injury and keep the property safe.
  • Be knowledgeable in the technical field in case of an emergency.
  • Be able to react quickly and respond calmly.

Background Checks

Along with possessing the correct skill set, security guards are required to pass specific background checks, including:

  • Proper criminal background check with no criminal record.
  • Certified with a security guard license from the province they are working in.
  • Proper confirmation of health and fitness certification.

6 Reasons for Hiring Security Guards for Your Business

Now that you know what attributes security guards should have when hiring them, here are 6 reasons for hiring security guards for your business:

  1. Deter crimes at workplaces. When security guards are employed at workplaces such as offices and business properties, it naturally deters employees from stealing from their companies. Also, the presence of security guards keeps potential criminals away from commiting thefts, trespassing, or vandalism.
  2. Provide around-the-clock surveillance. Having security guards employed on a 24-hour, 7-days a week basis ensures that your business property is always being watched and safe from intruders.
  3. Proper handling of crimes. If something were to happen on your business property, the security guard assigned would be the main witness to any crime occurring. They can cooperate with the local police to ensure the proper handling of crimes.
  4. Provides peace of mind. Having security guards surveilling your business property during business hours and off-times provides peace of mind to you and your employees.
  5. Keeps the workplace safe. Employees work more efficiently when they know there are security guards on the premises, as it keeps the workplace safe.
  6. Ensures a quick response. If an incident were to occur on your business property, having security guards ensures a fast response and local authorities can be contacted right away, or the situation can be diffused quickly by the guard.

Although you might think that hiring security guards is a strenuous process, it is one of the best investments you can add to protect your business and employees. Having security guards at your special event or at your business property gives people a sense of protection, and it also gives you peace of mind knowing that your property is being surveilled during off hours.

For more information on how to hire a security guard for your business, please contact Optimum Security.

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