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Development projects need absolute top-notch security to keep everyone safe and execute the job well. Read more for details about construction site security.

You’ve probably seen those signs at construction sites that read: “Authorized Personnel Only. Keep Out.” It’s highly critical that unwanted intruders don’t get into the sites for development projects and that people don’t wind up there by accident, for the safety of both them and the development crew.

Here at Optimum Security, we provide premium security options for any construction site in Canada. We stand by our offerings, which is why we detail them below. Here are our construction site security services, how they work, and why you should use them.

Current Safety Trends at Construction Sites

Given the valuable equipment that construction workers use at their development sites, it’s no wonder that there’s been a rapid increase in property theft there. Cranes, motors, machines – all are sellable. Therefore, hiring top-notch construction site security is essential to monitor and patrol the area. This will prevent theft and vandalism, another common crime at construction sites.

Safety hazards are also common with the rapid advancement of modern machinery at development sites. These hazards – of which there are many – also necessitate property security measures.

Why You Need Us

That’s where Optimum Security comes in. We’re one of Canada’s most trusted construction site security providers. Our personnel are highly trained and highly specialized and are guaranteed to do a job on par with the wonderful project your business is undertaking.

Construction site security protects you from the financial pitfalls when people steal your equipment. We know that such an event can significantly impact your project and your livelihood, as sometimes, businesses can’t stay afloat without the tools they’ve bought to get the job done.

Here at Optimum Security, our specialized construction site security allows us to protect you, your business, your employees, and your dreams.

What We Offer

We offer the unparalleled. Our construction site security guards go through rigorous training and are equipped to handle any issue that may come up at a construction or development site.

On-Site Professional Security

Your site needs people that know the construction industry. Our personnel are trained and have a high aptitude to meet any demand – from any angle – that may occur on the construction site. They’re familiar with the tools of the trade and have superb reflexes and instincts to respond to on-demand situations.

Mobile Patrol Security

This security option is a more cost-effective alternative to our full security services. Patrol officers will inspect construction sites in and out during the project’s development to keep out unwanted guests and assess safety risks.

Modern Technology

Our alarm systems are exhaustive; they cover anything from carbon monoxide leaks to intrusions. Our alarms include intrusion systems, alarm systems, fire alarms, alarm monitoring, CCTV systems, access control, security lighting, and more.

Hire Us for Your Next Project

If you’re in development and need a superior security service, Optimum Security can meet the demands of the task. Our security guard staff are highly trained, responsive, professional, courteous, and on-time. Consider us for your next project as soon as you plan it!


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Our building fire panel went down suddenly, and the repair took several weeks to complete. We hired Optimum because of their experience with vulnerable folks in the DTES. Every firewatch guard I met was calm, friendly and with a professional, courteous demeanour, which is exactly what we asked for, and what was best for this building. Every person in the office I dealt with was helpful, reasonable and professional. This should not be that unusual to find in companies, but it is. Really happy we decided on Optimum for this project.

Mandy Yeomans Optimum Security Vancouver
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Great service. Professional and always answered when we called.

Abdul Safi Optimum Security Vancouver
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I first had an issue with this company, but the owner of the company called me and had a nice conversation. The misunderstanding was cleared. I am happy with this company and would like to award them five stars.

S wa Optimum Security Vancouver
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Great company to deal with, extremely fast service (35) minutes, on a last minute call out. Received follow up from them to confirm all was ok, great communication, very friendly staff, could not do enough to help you out. Will definitely use again if needed.

Ann Park Optimum Security Vancouver

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