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Warehouse & Distribution Security Guard Services

Contact Optimum Security for the best warehouse security and distribution security available in Canada. We will protect you and your assets 24/7.

Warehouses and distribution centers are prime targets for criminals. Keeping professional security services on site is the only way to ensure safety and security at these facilities.

Optimum Security has all types of warehouse security and distribution security services to keep theft, invasions, and accidents to a minimum. We provide effective and efficient safety programs tailored to individual needs, budgets, and facility size.

Don’t lose money (or sleep) over a lack of safety in your warehouse or distribution center. Contact a company you can trust.

Security Services For Warehouse and Distribution Facilities

It is crucial to hire a team of security guard specialists who know what they are doing in every field. At Optimum Security, our skilled professionals undergo rigorous training to ensure they are educated and knowledgeable in every area of your facility. This program includes a lengthy, in-depth orientation, followed by on-site training.

We teach every employee the importance of good communication skills, customer service, and public relations. While our pros know how to keep you and your assets safe, they also understand the importance of keeping the peace.

When it comes to protection, we offer a variety of warehouse security services you don’t want to find yourself without.

  • 24/7 alarm monitoring and response: Our team is always ready and waiting to assist in any emergency, no matter what time it is. We respond in the middle of the night, on weekends, and even on holidays.
  • On-site security guards: No one will get past our highly-skilled guards, trained to keep an eye out for anything suspicious taking place.
  • Mobile security: If you don’t want a physical guard looming over your facility, you can opt for our mobile security. Our security guards can monitor your site from afar using security cameras and video surveillance and only show up when an issue arises.
  • Fire watch: Our fire-watch team is trained in fire prevention and on-site warehouse security measures when your alarm system goes out or communication between the system and responders is down.
  • Loss prevention: Don’t let dishonest employees take advantage of your business. If you suspect inside theft, our loss prevention experts can help.
  • Access control: Keep records and stay vigilant when it comes to those who enter and exit your facilities at all times.

Keep Your Warehouse and Distribution Centre Safe with Optimum Security

Why risk your company’s profits or safety when you can obtain top-of-the-line, customized security guard services at an affordable price?

Contact Optimum Security today to start protecting your assets, employees, and your company’s future.

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Our building fire panel went down suddenly, and the repair took several weeks to complete. We hired Optimum because of their experience with vulnerable folks in the DTES. Every firewatch guard I met was calm, friendly and with a professional, courteous demeanour, which is exactly what we asked for, and what was best for this building. Every person in the office I dealt with was helpful, reasonable and professional. This should not be that unusual to find in companies, but it is. Really happy we decided on Optimum for this project.

Mandy Yeomans Optimum Security Vancouver
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Great service. Professional and always answered when we called.

Abdul Safi Optimum Security Vancouver
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I first had an issue with this company, but the owner of the company called me and had a nice conversation. The misunderstanding was cleared. I am happy with this company and would like to award them five stars.

S wa Optimum Security Vancouver
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Great company to deal with, extremely fast service (35) minutes, on a last minute call out. Received follow up from them to confirm all was ok, great communication, very friendly staff, could not do enough to help you out. Will definitely use again if needed.

Ann Park Optimum Security Vancouver
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