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North Vancouver Security Services

Sometimes people in North Vancouver feel just a little bit safer about their personal or assets’ safety by adding an extra layer of security. At Optimum Security, we understand that there are circumstances where you feel like you need security for your home, commercial property or otherwise, and our goal is to provide ceaseless security services in British Columbia to put your mind at ease.

How do we do it? For our North Vancouver customers, we assign highly trained security guards to the assets you hire us to protect, carry out 24/7 mobile patrol and surveillance monitoring, and cooperate with local law enforcement to ensure that we stop security threats before they have a chance to occur.

North Vancouver Security Services


A company without highly trained, meticulously educated guards won’t be able to protect an asset, whether it’s a piece of property or a person. That’s why we make our security personnel meet the highest possible standards of training before we put them in the field. Here’s how our guards can work for your personal or asset security:


  • We station visible patrols on and around the property you hire us to protect to deter incidents before they arise. In addition, our guards monitor video feeds around the clock and utilize our mobile patrol capabilities to spot a building threat and communicate with you before it becomes an issue.


  • Our guards and mobile patrol personnel believe that if people see our presence, they won’t even think about threatening the security of the asset you hire us to protect. We’ve guarded valuable property, high-value businesses and even high-profile persons since Optimum Security started operating as the most dependable provider of North Vancouver security services.


  • The stores we protect utilize our state-of-the-art security cameras and video surveillance to detect and apprehend shoplifters. Our school clients rely on us to keep their campuses safe from violence, drugs and other threats to the students’ safety. And our commercial clients know that we can minimize the risk of workplace accidents.


  • Optimum Security can develop a security solution tailored to your workplace, no matter what business you run. We’ve protected all kinds of businesses in North Vancouver, from small shops to large corporations.
  • We know that every workplace is different, and we’ll work with you to identify the security risks specific to your business. Then, we’ll create a security plan to mitigate those risks and keep your employees safe.


  • Whether you’re a celebrity, politician or business person who needs protection from the public, we can provide trained and licensed security guards in North Vancouver to accompany you wherever you go. We understand that not everyone enjoys the same level of safety, which is why we offer this service to those who request it.


  • We’ve got the security personnel and experience to ensure your event goes off without a hitch from weddings to corporate functions. Our goal is to let you and your guests enjoy the event while we take care of security. Whether you want to have an extra layer of protection for your event, our event security services in North Vancouver are designed to give you peace of mind .


  • If your business or property is in the process of a fire alarm installation or repair, you may be required by the city to have a fire watch security guard on site. Our guards are trained and licensed to provide this service, and we’re available 24/7 to respond to your needs.

Public Safety North Vancouver


  • The safety of the public should be a top priority for any business or venue. That’s why we offer our public safety services in North Vancouver to those who want to ensure the safety of their patrons. We can provide security guards, crowd control and other services to keep the peace at your event or establishment.


  • If you’re hosting an event that will result in increased traffic in the area, we can help you manage it. Our traffic control services in North Vancouver are designed to help you direct traffic and keep the flow of vehicles moving smoothly. We can also provide crowd control services to keep pedestrians safe.


We also offer residential and commercial alarm systems that can monitor for break-ins, home invaders or natural security threats and put you in contact with our threat response teams and local law enforcement almost instantly.

We’re proud to be the leading provider of North Vancouver security service, and we’re always looking for new ways to protect our clients. If you have any questions about our services or would like a free quote, please contact us.

Contact Optimum Security today. If you live in the North Vancouver area and you have security concerns, you can’t afford not to call the security experts.

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