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Red Deer River Security Company

Optimum Security is Red Deer River’s go-to company for home and business security needs. Our security staff is well-trained and equipped to handle a variety of security concerns. We also work closely with law enforcement officials in Red Deer to ensure our clients’ property remains safe. Our clients are valuable to us, and we want each of them to feel safe in their homes and offices.

Custom Security Solutions in Red Deer River

Our security professionals work with you to assess your security concerns and requirements and tailor a security plan according to your commercial or residential property’s size and activity level. Trust our security experts to help mitigate threats, prevent losses, and ensure personnel and equipment in high-visibility and high-public interaction settings.


Red Deer River residents and business owners can hire a uniformed security guard to keep their property safe when they aren’t there. They work in uniform to ensure their presence is known because maintaining a highly visible presence helps prevent crimes from happening on your property.

  • On-site security: we deploy highly-trained security personnel in your office, warehouse, store, condo building, or home for optimal access control, constant security system monitoring, and communication of regular threat assessments to property owners to prevent emergencies.
  • Special events security: we provide short-term security staffing for crowd control and venue safety requirements in high-visibility and high-public interaction settings like conferences, product launches, and other corporate functions, as well as entertainment and social events.
  • Audit and risk assessment: we will also provide you with a periodic and comprehensive security risk and threat assessment. By identifying vulnerabilities in your existing security system, we can recommend necessary upgrades according to changing safety and operational requirements.


Our company provides Red Deer River residents and businesses with complete mobile patrol services for their businesses. Mobile Patrol security services act as a deterrent against potential thieves and vandals on the very premises being patrolled.

Mobile patrol allows security guards to regularly inspect and patrol the site to ensure premises safety and respond to emergencies detected by the alarm systems to restore normal building operation right away. Mobile patrol provides a cost-effective alternative to having an on-site security guard outside of business hours. Whatever the size of your business, mobile services are a smart, cost-effective security solution.

Industries We Serve in Red Deer River

Our security experts have devised different security solutions according to the unique needs of customers operating in a wide range of industries in Red Deer River. Find your commercial or residential property here, or ask our experts about custom requirements:

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Mall-wide security and stores
  • Airports and seaports
  • Museums and jewelry stores
  • Hotels and concierge services
  • Condo buildings, apartments, and private homes
  • Offices, warehouses, parking facilities, factories, construction sites, and other commercial and industrial sites
  • Schools, libraries, and public spaces
  • Banks and other financial institutions.

Your safety is our top priority. If you own a business or live in Red Deer River, ask Optimum Security about the latest security technology and protocols for protecting your commercial or residential property.

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