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Safety in Numbers

An Amalgam of Trials, Tribulations, Resolutions & Perceptions

The common phrase, "safety in numbers," has long been understood as the concept surrounding the idea that a highly populated area or a concentrated group of individuals, can reduce the risk of any harm or danger from potential threats. Finding a friend to walk you home at night, riding your bike on the street with a cycling group, running into a busy department store if you feel nervous by a stranger, are all everyday examples when we are thinking of our safety and using others to take cover. Even in the animal kingdom, species of all types, travel in herds, packs and schools, to stay alert, alive and protect their young from predators.

In recent years, it seems as though the typical definition of safety in numbers is actually quite the opposite. Concerts, political events, city landmarks, as well as advancement in technology have become popular targets for public safety disasters. Locations containing a high population of people can actually draw more danger to the innocent bystanders and victims involved. Unfortunately the anticipation of something awful happening in these situations has demanded the need for public security personnel and protection, even more so now than ever before.

This infographic will take a closer look at how safety in numbers has not necessarily been so "safe" and the vital roles that professional security services and law enforcement play in the face of public danger.


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