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At Optimum Security, our security experts are well-versed in the operations, asset value, and requirements of various industries. Our tailored security plans are specific to your industry and further customized to your business’s size, location, and activity level.

We offer both on-site and short-term security services scaled according to the demands of specific industries. Trust our friendly, professional, and highly trained security personnel to ensure the safety of customers and employees, and your business’ operational stability.

  • Mobile patrol: secure business premises 24/7, 365 days a year with active security patrols to maintain access control and asset protection.
  • Security guards: our security personnel are trained to identify, assess, and respond to threats with record response times while patrolling your premises.

Security Services by Sector

  • Commercial property: ensure employee safety and equipment security across warehouse office parks and high-rise towers through regular patrol and inspection and building access control scaled to the size and nature of your office and commercial building.
  • Education sector: protect young minds and inspire parents’ confidence and peace of mind knowing that their children are safe in school, thanks to professional security services that limit premises access and violence occurrence to create a conducive learning environment.
  • Healthcare industry: ensure patient and healthcare professional safety according to federal and provincial health guidelines to ensure that access control to high-risk areas and equipment protection is in line with preventing the spread of infectious diseases and ensuring patient well-being.
  • Municipalities: secure government buildings and assets, and public spaces to ensure citizen safety and long-term use of key facilities and infrastructure.
  • Hospitality and residential sectors: complete the guest — or long-term condo and private home resident — experience with a safety guarantee for their personal property, access to facilities, and their well-being through security patrols.
  • Entertainment: give guests the experience of a lifetime at a music festival, film screening, or sporting event. Manage access, control crowd movement, and monitor the event premises for threats, prohibited goods, and potential liability issues for safe leisure and entertainment.
  • Industrial sector: secure your manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, or automotive facility with mobile patrol and site inspection monitoring to prevent disasters and protect merchandise and equipment from tampering, theft, and vandalism.
  • Mining, oil and gas, and energy and utility industries: monitor risks and threats tied to carbon monoxide and methane exposure, as well as oil drilling, and cyber attacks to power grids and equipment through on-site security that promotes employee safety and asset protection for business continuity.
  • Construction: secure heavy equipment like generators, excavators, and vehicles, as well as tools and supplies against threats of theft and vandalism that impact project delivery timelines and pose hazards to both building security and employee safety.
  • Finance sector: secure cash, documents, and other high-value assets in banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies to promote client trust and protect your bottomline.
  • Parking lot facilities: promote client trust by ensuring the security of their cars entrusted to your facility, and protect these against theft and vandalism through effective access control.
  • Retail sector: promote a pleasant shopping experience and reduce losses tied to theft, threat of crime and violence through routine — but unobtrusive — patrol.
  • Aviation and ports: enhance security protocols in high-traffic areas like airports and ports where access control for travellers, staff, and goods is paramount to larger peace and order, and security concerns.
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